Great Expectations: Helping Short-termers Live Out their Commitments

Description: Great Expectations: Helping Short-termers Live Out their Commitments
Steve Moore, President and CEO, The Mission Exchange
May 15, 2008

Nearly every new missionary over the last two decades was influenced by a mission trip. However, the explosion of mission trips is barely maintaining the number of long term workers and only occasionally results in increased church giving for long-term missions. Short-term mission teams rarely do anything that could not have been done by people who already live there. Youth mission trips are rarely more strategic to finishing the task of world evangelization than the annual youth camp. With all the resources invested in mission trips, both churches and mission organizations must raise the bar for planning and execution.

This webinar will explore: 1) baseline outcomes for effective short-term mission trips, 2) a preparation road map for achieving those outcomes and 3) a model for integrating mission trips with the discipleship and ministry activities of local churches.

Note: This webinar will focus on church-based teams but make application to a wider context where appropriate. Steve Moore is President and CEO of The Mission Exchange.

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