Exciting News About Missio Nexus Leadership

Dear Missio Nexus Community, 

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates regarding the leadership team at Missio Nexus. 

Over the past few years, our community has flourished, thanks to our core mission: “to catalyze relationships, ideas, and collaboration within the Great Commission community.” We have honed our focus on these three critical aspects of our work, resulting in increased connections among our members, both through in-person events and our expanding range of virtual offerings. We’ve embraced transformative ideas and fostered a culture of innovation. Importantly, we’ve witnessed tangible collaboration among our members, exemplified by our recent record-breaking annual meeting, where networking reached new levels of depth and impact. This growth is a testament to our shared commitment, but it also highlights the need for enhanced leadership resources to support our ongoing initiatives. 

A few months after I joined the Missio Nexus team, Michael VanHuis became part of our dynamic leadership duo. Michael and I have harmonized our efforts, bringing complementary yet distinct talents to the table, and effectively sharing leadership responsibilities. As we’ve deliberated on the “state of the mission,” it has become clear that aligning our gifts and contributions will be instrumental in steering Missio Nexus through its next phase of development. 

Today, it is with immense pleasure that I announce Michael VanHuis’s promotion to the role of Executive Director. 

I will continue to serve as President/CEO, where my responsibilities include steering the organization’s mission, strategy, and growth. I will also remain dedicated to engaging our stakeholders, nurturing strategic alliances, and ensuring our financial sustainability. Michael, in his new role as Executive Director, will provide focused leadership, strategic direction, and effective management, ensuring that Missio Nexus’s growth, impact, and sustainability continue to flourish. 

One of our member CEOs recently stated that we “punch above our weight class,” given our intentionally small team. Shared leadership, a model rooted in the pages of the New Testament, has been a cornerstone of our association’s period of success. I firmly believe that it is key to advancing our mission in a world that can sometimes be challenging to the Great Commission. I hold the hope that by acknowledging Michael’s expanded role, our future will shine even brighter than our remarkable past. 

Warm regards, 


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