Donald A. McGavran

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Donald A. McGavran: A Biography of the Twentieth Century’s Premier Missiologist

Gary L. McIntosh. Publisher: Church Leaders Insights, 2016.

Reviewed by Timothy D. Padgett, adjunct faculty, Trinity Christian College & Judson University.


This book tells the immensely fascinating story of an interesting life. While there is an instructional nature to be found here, it is perhaps better seen for its inspirational contribution. Over the course of the book, the reader will gain a glimpse into the hardships of the mid-nineteenth century missionary pioneers, the changing world of their mid-twentieth century successors, and the advent of late-twentieth century concerns remaining with us to today. All this comes through the story of one remarkable man, Donald McGavran (1897-1990).

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McGavran was a prolific writer of letters, articles, and books, as well as a world traveler. No one, to my knowledge, has visited as many mission fields, conducted as many interviews, or researched the growth and decline of Christian churches as widely as McGavran. He influenced mission theory and practice internationally and the movement he started continues to move forward, empowered by appreciative followers. 

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