C-Suite Thought Leader Briefing with Dr. Robert Osburn

Bob Osburn has a PhD in international education (University of Minnesota, 2005) where he also is a lecturer in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development. In 1978 he earned his ThM in Christian education at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has spent 29 years working in international student and academic ministry at the University of Minnesota, and successfully launched the 1998 World View for World Healing Conference that promoted the vision for international students engaging the deepest needs of their societies on the basis of a Christian worldview. He has been married to Susan for over 38 years, and is the father of four sons.

During this conversation, Dr. Osburn discussed the content of his book, Taming the Beast: Can We Bridle the Culture of Corruption?  This highly original book combines humor, imaginative narratives, and fresh, newly-mined explorations of biblical teaching, and answers 12 questions that every social activist, anti-corruption campaigner, religious leader, businessman, and bureaucrat needs to know about conquering one of the great menaces of our time: the culture of corruption.

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