Building Churches’ Missionary Sending Skills

Building Churches Missionary Sending Skills
Ellen Livingood, Director, Catalyst Services
August 26, 2010

Description: Many churches which send new missionaries are like proud parents of a newborn who hope their child thrives but understand little about their responsibilities in child raising. This session will focus on how sending churches can take a proactive role in nurturing and supporting new workers, focusing particularly on the crucial period from appointment to departure for field ministry.

Our discussion will address: How can we forge an effective sending triangle (church/missionary/agency) from the very beginning? What can proactive sending on the church’s part actually look like? How can churches own the mission as well as own the missionary? What role should the church assume in the equipping process? How can the sending church engage more tangibly in support raising? How can mission sending organizations assist churches in these areas?
Author: Ellen Livingood founded Catalyst Services five years ago to improve the collaboration between mission organizations and local churches. She has experience in agency administration and mobilization, as well as in consulting and training with both mission organizations and churches.

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