Becoming Partnership Friendly: Redefining the “We”

Presented by: Eldon Porter

Description: Why are western agencies often seen as not partnership friendly and how is that being addressed? Traditional western agencies, that were birthed in the “from the West to the rest” reality, face huge challenges as they seek to adapt to the “from anywhere to everywhere” partnership dependent reality of a highly interconnected global Church. This workshop will identify the three major drivers that have created the new paradigm, the specific challenges agencies are facing, and the trends as to how different ones are responding. We will also look at the strategic role that networks are playing in facilitating strategic partnerships between the various parts of the global missions movement. The primary audience for this workshop is those entrusted to lead in a partnership dependent reality.

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Partnerships and the Strategic Role of Networks

We live in an unprecedented period of mission history. The new paradigm of “from anywhere to everywhere” is by nature complex, resulting in an increasing need to partner with others for effective ministry. The challenge of connecting with potential partners in the global context is best done in and through the evolving world of networks.


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