An Important Message about The Mission Film

At the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference hosted by Missio Nexus, Dr. Mary Ho, the International Executive Leader of All Nations International, presented significant updates on the documentary film The Mission. This documentary delves into the life and mission of John Allen Chau, a worker with All Nations. The Mission received funding from Disney+ and National Geographic and had recently undergone a review. It is opens in select theaters this weekend.

Dr. Ho emphasized John’s unwavering commitment to serving the unreached Sentinelese people and clarified that the film included only a few minutes of footage from interviews with Dr. Pam Arlund and herself. The screening stirred a range of intense and complex emotions among the attendees. Dr. Ho acknowledged the film’s provocative nature and expressed her dissent from various aspects of it. Nevertheless, she conveyed her gratitude for the powerful spread of the Gospel message through John’s testimony.

She also called for support in praying for John’s family, the film’s creators, and those featured in the film. Dr. Ho urged leaders to be prepared to address missions-related issues presented in the film and to stand resolute in their commitment to the Great Commission.

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