Serving Safely: Risk Management for Staff and Volunteers

Serving Safely: Risk Management for Staff and Volunteers

Friday @ 8:30am

When you work with the world’s most vulnerable people, you also work in some of the world’s most unpredictable environments.? Paramount to this work is ensuring the safety of staff and volunteers. We will discuss how to address the challenges you face in the field, while accomplishing your mission. Serving Safely will discuss Duty of Care for organizations of all sizes; including tips and resources with an eye to stewardship. From President to construction volunteer, Risk Management cannot be ignored in today’s world.

Jan Batchelder

Senior Business Development Manager
Raptim Humanitarian Travel

Jan Batchelder has been with Raptim Humanitarian Travel for more than 30 years, serving in many roles within the company; leisure travel, corporate and international travel, and office manager; culminating with her joining the Business Development team in 2006. Jan holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado and has earned her CTC (Certified Travel Consultant) designation. She resides in Colorado, and works extensively with clients in the West and mid-West USA.


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