Where No One Has Heard

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Where No One Has Heard: The Life of J. Christy Wilson Jr.

Ken Wilson. Publisher: William Carey Library, 2016.

170 pages
ISBN: 9780878086313


Rarely do we have a book summary on a biography. However, the life and work of J. Christy Wilson should not be forgotten and needs to be re-introduced to a new generation of missionaries. This is a biography of the humble, adventurous man of prayer who helped launch the Urbana missions conference, and pioneered ministry in Afghanistan when others thought it impossible. In his second “career” as a missions professor, he mobilized hundreds of students into world evangelization, and reintroduced the biblical idea of “tentmaking” before it became a popular mission strategy. Because this book is a biography, we forego the normal summary categories to instead, lead you through the life of Wilson.

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