C1 to C6 Spectrum After 15 Years

John Jay Travis, PhD, Affiliate Assistant Professor, Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies

After the C-Spectrum was developed in the late 1990s it was used widely and referenced repeatedly in mission circles. The Scale differentiates six types of Christ-centered communities found in the Muslim world. Regrettably the Scale has often been misunderstood or misused. This webinar will clarify its intended use and limitations. To be presented are seven common misunderstandings/misuses of the spectrum, followed by recommendations on how to use the C-Spectrum going forward.

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The W-Spectrum: Worker Paradigms in Muslim Contexts

While significant progress has been made in evangelical missiology on general contextualization, and much debate has swirled around the degree to which a Muslim-background believer can remain an “insider,” less attention has been placed on workers’ practices—and the connection to their view of Islam. Hence, in this article we seek to augment the overall dialogue by focusing on the worker.

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