The Digital Lens: Innovation, Technology Trends, and Mission (AM)

The Digital Lens: Innovation, Technology Trends, and Mission (AM)

Friday @ 1:30pm

The digital revolution is changing organizational landscapes. New job descriptions, organizational charts, funding, and spending are being affected by this change. It is quickly moving from service system to nervous system. For ministries who focus on life transformation, this can be a gift if embraced. If not embraced it can be an unwelcome disruption. Leaders who embrace these changes expand new critical metrics, new opportunities for collaboration, new resource partners, and attract next generation leaders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify new digital trends that are impacting organizations as well as disrupting multiple ways of “how it has been done”
  • Assess what the digital revolution is affecting and how your organization might apply it to better your mission

[CPE 100 MIN – Information Technology]

Shawn Ring

Chief Information Officer
Wycliffe Seed Company

Shawn joined Seed Company in his present position in February 2016. Before that, he served as executive pastor for Gateway Church in Dallas, leading teams in technology-based ministries. Previously, Shawn served as president and CTO of Assemble Communications, a global group of communications companies partnering with indigenous Christians. In 1996, Shawn co-founded Integrity Online, which grew to become America’s largest filtered Internet service provider.


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