Sharing the Gospel in a Multi-Faith Setting


Ed Stetzer

2016 Mission Leaders Conference
Globally Engaged Churches

The world continues to grow more religious. Secularism has not taken over, as some predicted, so how do we share the gospel faithfully in the multi-faith milieu where we find ourselves today? Ed Stetzer, who wrote a cover story for Christianity Today on this very topic, will share why and how in this workshop.

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The Gospel in a Plural World: Interrogating the Relationship between Proclamation and Compassion

recent conversation about global ministry among the poor provoked me to further thinking about missions and compassion. A certain Western Christian humanitarian missionary in an impoverished Majority World context described herself as called to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus, in extending mercy to the least, the forgotten, and the marginal. To that extent, she is a wonderful model—she extends the compassion of the Good Shepherd by way of (physically) rescuing, housing, feeding, and educating vulnerable children and orphans.

Toward an Asian Theology of Mission

The churches in Asia have shown a disappointing lack of interest in Christian theology. A consultation of the East Asia Christian Conference admitted, “The Asian Churches, so far, and in large measure, have not taken their theological task seriously enough, for they have been largely content to accept the ready-made answers of Western theology or confessions.”1

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