Rethinking People Group Missiology

EMQ » October–December 2020 » Volume 56 Issue 4


  1. Reaching UPG peoples has headwinds against it. Mission and higher education are at loggerheads still. We sed out non theologically prepared teams that are barely educated and consider a “team” as the holy grail. Second, interagency coordination is rare and only a veneer. Third, I think that reached UPGs are better, far better equipped to reach UPGs than we are. We do not train a theology of persecution to UPGs, no theological ethics, and leave converted UPGs to figure out Biblical ethics on their own to avoid tampering with their culture. It is better to boast in converted UPGs and what they can do than to shoot westerners into a UPG area and to think they will gladly receive us. Our focus on UPGs is misplaced.

    Don Heckman