President/CEO/ED as Fundraising Professional

Presented by: Kurt Nelson, Michael Johnson, Ed Weaver

Description: Who is the Chief Development Officer in your organization? While an organization may have a designated Development Director, the President/CEO/ED’s active participation in the overarching fundraising strategy is critical to the success of the fundraising operation. Through this workshop, participants will better understand: how to help the President/CEO/ED embrace his/her role in the organization’s fundraising strategy, how to set the President/CEO/ED up well to help lead the organization toward a culture of philanthropy, how to best include the President/CEO/ED in the fundraising team’s donor relations strategies, how to manage a caseload of donors for the President/CEO/ED, and critical steps your President/CEO/ED should take toward leading the Board/other key partners to play an active role in supporting the fundraising operation. The primary audience for this workshop is Presidents, CEOs, Executive Directors, and Development/Advancement/Fundraising Staff.

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