Pioneering Church Planting in the Metaverse

By Miheret Eshete, originally published at, used by permission.

Under the banner of GACX: Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, we have united with a shared vision: to see a healthy, multiplying, sustainable church for every 1000 people on earth in every relational network – every village, neighborhood, high-rise, and even digital space. 

In our faith journey, we find moments of divine encounters that prompt us to step outside our comfort zones, much like Apostle Peter’s vision in the book of Acts chapter 10. This vision led him to Cornelius, a Roman centurion, marking a transformative moment in the spread of the gospel beyond the Jewish community. Today, I invite you to contemplate: could the Metaverse be the new territory that God is guiding us to explore?

Embark on the journey to shape the future of Church Multiplication. GACX invites you to be part of a practical five-week exploration into the Metaverse. Register here to secure your spot today and grow with us into the future.

Entering the Digital Space: The Metaverse as a New Mission Field

The ethos of our faith has always encompassed reaching out to people, entering their spaces, comprehending their realities, and introducing them to the gospel’s transformative power. The 21st century sees a significant portion of these ‘spaces’ transition online, with the Metaverse forecasted to emerge as a principal sphere for social interaction and community-building. Statista estimates suggest that more than 110 million Americans will be active VR and AR users by 2023. Furthermore, Pew Research anticipates that by 2040, the Metaverse will significantly infiltrate our daily lives, playing a crucial role in various facets, including religion.

Real Impact: Personal Stories from the Metaverse

Two compelling stories illustrate the potential of the Metaverse for church planting. Ella, from El Salvador, found herself battling severe depression and suicidal thoughts. In her desperate search for support, she stumbled upon a church in the Metaverse, where she connected with a guide who offered prayer and guidance. Over a year, Ella’s mental health improved, leading her to a local church in her town and sparking a newfound chapter of positivity in her life. 

Similarly, Stuart, who had drifted away from the church, rediscovered his faith through service in the Metaverse. Today, he’s a key leader within the community, disciplining six individuals and leading many to Christ. With support from a local church in North Carolina, Stuart now serves as a Metaverse missionary, creating a crucial link between virtual and local congregations. Watch the full story here

Engaging in the Metaverse: Leaders Shaping the Future of Church Multiplication

Navigating this digital frontier does come with potential risks, such as cybersecurity concerns, privacy issues, and the potential for addiction to the immersive environment. Yet, we see the gospel’s transformative power at work within this digital expanse. Stories of individuals like Ella from El Salvador, who found spiritual comfort in a Metaverse church amidst her battle with depression, and Stuart, who rediscovered his faith and became a community leader within the Metaverse, underscore the potential this platform holds.

As church leaders, these shifts demand our proactive engagement in shaping the digital transformation of faith. Echoing Jesus’ guidance to his disciples to spread the gospel far and wide, we’re now called to navigate this digital space and establish faith communities in the Metaverse. The congregation is already there, where new believers are eager to encounter the transformative love of Christ.

This transition is not merely about waiting for the Metaverse platform to mature. As churches and mission agencies, let’s view the Metaverse as an experiential, futuristic, and strategic move to stay relevant to our changing audience and environment. Our presence in the Metaverse enables us to sustain our traditional services and innovate evangelism and discipleship strategies that resonate with the digital natives increasingly populating our congregations.

Leadership is crucial to this transition. As leaders, we shape the future of digital missions, making them practical and strategic. Each decision we make, each innovation we introduce, and each virtual service we conduct forms the blueprint for a church in the Metaverse. Our actions today pave the way for future generations of church leaders and congregations in the Metaverse.

Join the Journey into the Metaverse

Understanding the potential of this new technology, GACX extends an invitation to our members and like-minded partners to explore this innovative environment. This August, join us in a five-week learning cohort designed to equip you with the insights and practical experience necessary to navigate the Metaverse successfully. Register here.

Together, we’ll examine the theological implications, challenges, opportunities, and strategies for planting a church in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse holds the potential to accelerate the fulfillment of GACX’s vision significantly. This is a call to all of us in GACX to adapt, innovate, and pioneer this digital frontier. Are you ready to venture into this new mission field, transforming and accelerating your organization’s impact in the process? Let’s seize this opportunity and shape the future of church multiplication together.

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