Other Books Received

Baker, Susan, ed. 2009. Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st Century. Pasadena, Calif.: William Carey Library.

Bramsen, P.D. 2008. One God One Message. Greenville, S.C.: Rock International.

Gehman, Richard. 2008. Learning to Lead: The Making of a Christian Leader in Africa. Geneva, Ill.: Oasis International Ltd.

Meja, Markina. 2008. Unbroken Covenant with God: An Autobiography in the Context of the Wolaitta Kale Heywet Church. Belleville, Ontario: Guardian Books.

Sanneh, Lamin. 2009. Translating the Message: The Missionary Impact on Culture. Revised and expanded edition. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books.

Varberg, Richard. 2009. Why Didn’t You Come Sooner? Stories from My Life as a Missionary in the Philippines. Pasadena, Calif.: William Carey Library.

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