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Reporting Challenges for Movements in a World of Misinformation and Persecution

By Stan Parks | Globally, 1,965 church planting movements (CPMs) are being reported, with approximately 90% of these among current or former unreached people groups. These reports have been compiled by the 24:14 Coalition. Our primary goal has been to find out where the unreached are being reached so we can identify the gaps where the unreached are not being reached. But in the process, we have shared information about movements, globally and regionally, which has led to some people feeling frustrated when they cannot know more.

Rethinking Global Mobilization

Mission leaders the world over expend a great deal of energy on mobilization efforts. However, such agendas often lead to frustration and a lack of response. In Rethinking Global Mobilization, veteran mission mobilizer Ryan Shaw seeks to remedy the situation by asking the whole Church to pray, send, and go on a global scale.

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