On Mission Speaker Release

OnMission Release

This form gathers release information for OnMission.
  • Agreement to Allow Missio Nexus to Publish content for On Mission and Through Various Digital Channels

    I am granting Missio Nexus the rights to the video content I have submitted for On Mission. I acknowledge:

    1. I am granting Missio Nexus the right to reproduce the video content with attribution in various formats (print, digital, audio, video etc.).
    2. I am granting Missio Nexus the right to repurpose the video content with attribution for other publications and uses.
    3. I have the right to enter into this Agreement and am not restricted by commitments to other parties.
    4. Missio Nexus has no financial commitments or obligations to me as a result of this Agreement.
    5. Missio Nexus may make edits to this video content for the purpose of viewing, readability and formatting.

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