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Part 1:
Session 1: (55 minutes) – Global Missions
Joseph Bataille: World Relief – Finding our Place in the Body of Christ
Justin Long: Beyond – Where We Are and What’s Left to be Done
Ted Esler: Missio Nexus – Too Many Mission Agencies?
Kent Parks: Beyond – Missions in a Dangerous World:  Missiological Myths vs. Biblical Patterns
Allan Matamoros: Vision 5:9 – Are Unreached People still a Driving Force for the Missionary Movement?
Jerry Wiles: ION – Lessons from the Orality Movement
Dick Brogden: Live|Dead – Training of First-Term Missionaries

5 Minute Break

Part 2:
Session 2: (27 minutes) – Next Gen
Lisa Pak: Canadian Bible Society – What is Necessary to Raise Up the Next Generation of Missionaries?
Mary Lederleitner: Missional Intelligence – Integrating Missional Twenty-Somethings
Jason Mandryk: Operation World – Convergence: Worship, Prayer, and Missions
Aaron Pierce: Steiger International – Global Youth Culture

Session 3: (27 minutes) – Diaspora
T.V. Thomas: Global Diaspora Network – Third World Mission Force
Rachael Jackson: Foursquare Missions International – Global Diaspora Mission Force
Jenny Yang: World Relief – Diaspora Missions
Diaspora Peoples: Prayercast – Diaspora Peoples

5 Minute Break

Part 3:
Session 4: (21 minutes) – Middle East Ministry
Von Golder: Frontiers – Media and Training
Jeff Neely: Vision 5:9 – Partnering Together with MBB’s
Rita Elmounayer: Sat-7 – Media for the Middle East and North Africa
Nate Scholz: Vision 5:9 & Frontiers – Trusted Broker Networks
Media & Prayer: Prayercast – Media and Prayer

Session 5: (37 minutes) – Innovation and Creativity
Manuel Bohm: WEA – Peace and Reconciliation Network – Church as a Community Mediation Center
Chad Isenhart: Foursquare Disaster Relief – Relief and Missions
Brian James: Frontiers – The Changing Role of Technology in Missions
Jonathan Hall: Foursquare Missions International – Innovation and Creativity

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