MyLife-Workshop: A New Way of Presenting the Gospel to Postmoderns

Dr. Dietrich Schindler • Church Planting Consultant for Europe • The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Dietrich has developed an evangelistic and church planting tool designed to reach post-modern secular Europeans that he has named “MyLife-Workshop.” Most, if not all evangelistic Christianity 101 courses begin with some doctrinal assertion – the person of Jesus, the relevancy of Christianity, the nature of man, the veracity of the Bible, etc.  In most cases non-Christians must be encouraged to attend a course whose topics do not interest them.

MyLife-Workshop is altogether different in its approach. MyLife-Workshop is a six unit course that enables participants to explore their own life development and in the process weaves the gospel into their autobiography. The course is built around six concepts: coin, book, bridge, music, band-aid, treasure.

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