Missions for the Rest of Us: Why Soccer Moms, Golfing Dads, and Hipster Nomads Want “In” on Global Missions


Rick Lowe

2016 Mission Leaders Conference
Globally Engaged Churches

Is the mission of God in this world still an “extra” in your congregation? An event or program for the “super-spiritual” or “super-strange”? A topic that comes up during small group Bible studies and spiritual conversations…but never during family meals, treks to the gym, and the ordinary stuff-of-life? This workshop will explore a few key principles and practical ideas that may be helpful for culture-shift in your congregation. From missions on the peripheral of ordinary to missions at the center of extraordinary. Join us for a collaborative conversation to consider the possibilities!

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Peoples on the Move

Missionaries today can focus their energies on all kinds of needy peoples or special ministries, such as tribal work, urban evangelism, street children, radio work, or Jewish and Muslim evangelism. Left out, however, has been a type of people among whom God’s work of blessing the nations first began—the nomads.

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