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In 2016, a professor of ethnomusicology from the University of Colorado, Dr. Benjamin Teitelbaum, sought to discover what motives lie behind Christians who make a decision to serve in foreign lands as missionaries.   At the outset of the project, he theorized that many go overseas as a means to escape the decadent North American culture.  He asked Missio Nexus to collaborate with him to survey the North American mission community to test his thesis.  This report is the result of those findings.

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Mission Motives

As you read this brief report, the facts will testify to themselves: God calls and His people respond. With worldly wisdom this simply is difficult to understand. But under the power of His Holy Spirit, God moves His people to do things that simply don’t make sense humanly speaking. When God calls His people, selfless service is rendered to our King for the advancement of His Kingdom.

Ethnomusicology: A New Frontier

One of the greatest challenges today in world evangelism is the fact that Christianity is still considered “the white man’s religion” by hundreds of millions of people. To accept Christ as their Savior, non-whites around the world may think they would have to be disloyal to their people and to their own culture.

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