Listening to the Global Church: Counting the Cost Before Returning to Normal

Short-term Missions Track | Workshop Set 2

Thursday, September 29, 2022 8:30 AM


Primary Audience Mission mobiliers and mission trip leaders Description The COVID-19 travel pause is the perfect time to count the cost of our mission trips.

Whether you’ve already returned to sending mission teams or anticipating doing so, you’ll want to hear what Global Church hosts said about mission trips as part of a project sponsored by The Barna Group, SOE, The Chalmers Center, and Faith to Action Initiative.

We’ll be presenting this project, the responses, and what we learned from our time listening to the Global Church.

Then join us during the Focus Group and Networking time for a round table discussion with your peers about what this feedback means for you in your unique ministry context.

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Tory Ruark

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