Mission Catalyst Among Iranian Muslims in Metro New York

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Mission Description Summary

A Global Gates Missions Catalyst’s primary task is to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to reach a particular unreached people group, or affinity of unreached people groups, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Missions Catalyst builds an ecosystem of prayer, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, church multiplication, and leadership development that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, births a multiplication of disciples and churches throughout the prioritized people group and beyond.

Major Responsibilities and Function

  • Abide in Christ.
  • Become an expert on the assigned people group’s worldview.
  • Develop and/or obtain gospel resources (Bibles, audio Scripture, chronological Bible stories, testimonies, videos, etc.) in the people group’s language(s).
  • Raise up laborers within the people group, and recruit laborers from outside of the people group, to saturate the people group with the gospel.
  • Nurture a vision for the spread of the gospel, multiplication of disciples, and planting of churches among the unreached people group in a gateway city and through them to other communities of that people group around the world.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive prayer, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership development strategy to stimulate church multiplication movements among the people group.
  • Continually learn and implement best practices in church multiplication.
  • Collaborate with other evangelicals to model and train in evangelism, disciple making, church planting, and leadership development.
  • As new believers emerge, give primary attention to them to nurture their role in leading multiplying movements of disciples and churches.
  • Evaluate and adapt methods based on what God has done and is doing.
  • Start multiple streams of disciple making and church planting to reach all population segments and networks of the people group within the gateway city and their communities worldwide.
  • Network with partners for raising salary and ministry support.

Why is This Position Needed?

Iranians are among the most educated first-generation immigrants in Metro New York City. Many came to the U.S. for better opportunity and freedom. Though generally assimilated into the professional and social sectors, most Iranians are still very much connected throughout Metro NYC, utilizing cultural events, food, and most recently the political protests as a way to come together. As can be observed in recent events, NYC Iranians are still very much connected to family and friends in Iran. Impacting this community with the Gospel could have a global impact, starting from the diaspora and then flowing back into Iran.

To apply for this job please visit globalgates.info.

To apply for this job please visit globalgates.info.

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Reaching the ends of the earth through global gateway cities.

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