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Are you ready to use your technical skills to spread the light of the gospel across Asia’s vast horizons? Join us!

Our team on Guam is seeking a passionate individual with a heart for the people of Asia to facilitate the spread of the gospel through KTWR site maintenance. As a key member of our team, you’ll provide leadership and organization while assisting the Chief Engineer in long-term planning, budgeting, and project management, overseeing construction projects and contributing to the overall health of our facilities.

With towers up to 250 feet high, you’ll perform vital maintenance tasks, keeping communication channels open even in the face of all that island living has to offer. Join us as we bring hope and faith to the people of Asia while stewarding the physical infrastructure that supports our mission!

Please note: This position is a supported/sponsored missionary role (not a direct-hire opportunity), so you would develop a team of partners who provide financially for your full salary and benefits as a part of this role. We do provide training, resources and coaching to help missionaries reach these financial-support goals!

Role Summary:

Our maintenance team is looking for a missionary to serve as Facilities & Grounds Maintenance Manager on the island of Guam to steward our KTWR site maintenance efforts.

Provides leadership, organization, and management for KTWR site maintenance.

Assists Chief Engineer in developing long-range plans, department policies, procedures, and training plans; and preparing budgets for supplies, equipment and improvements, additions and building repair needs.

Participates in the planning for construction and maintenance of facilities from a Physical Plant Services perspective.

Manages all phases of project development of large and/or complex construction and facility improvement projects; acts as project leader by coordinating, assigning, and directing work of contractors, consultants; technical, building maintenance.

Creates and reviews contracts pertaining to maintenance, performs review of plans for timeliness and adjustment as necessary; prepares cost estimates; monitors and maintains records to ensure City, State and Federal standards are met.

Coordinates work with representatives of other department, governmental agencies and public utilities regarding such issues as land use, building codes, permits, variances and connection to public utility services.

Performs annual inspections and maintenance on towers and antenna systems.

Works with technical rigging and rope-access systems in order to climb towers up to 250′ feet in height to perform all normal rigging duties as required.

Performs mechanical work and assists with various antenna field work such as mowing 20 acres of fields, maintaining perimeter fence and related duties.

Coordinates with maintenance resources to correct problems with heating, cooling and other mechanical systems, plumbing systems, fire and security alarm systems, elevator systems, and custodial equipment.

Responds to calls at all hours as assigned “TX essential” personnel. Assesses and advises the Chief Engineer about the operational status of antennas and grounds during emergencies and extreme weather events.

Ensures compliance with all environmental/hazardous waste, and recycling regulations.

Experience Preferences:
Experience performing welding and metal work, mechanical/engine repairs, electrical wiring and maintenance.

Experience operating heavy equipment such as tractors and backhoes.

Experience conducting heavy lifts using mechanical rigging systems.

Experience scaling towers and equipment at significant height using climbing safety equipment.

Qualifications and Core Competencies required:

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering or a related field.

Must have good working knowledge of a wide variety of commercial/Industrial-quality building systems (power distribution, HVAC, structural, alarms and elevators, grounds), or be willing/able to develop said competencies.

Must be familiar with safety policies and procedures applicable to commercial/industrial settings (Hazardous Communication, Confined Space, etc.).

Must be able to communicate clearly in public meetings as well as in writing.

Must be familiar with facilities-related codes environment (Building and Safety for example).

Must have working knowledge of project management and be able to follow the life cycle of projects for the entire site.

Demonstrated capability to learn and use effectively a variety of computer-based systems such as word processing and spreadsheets, work order processing systems, financial management systems and project cost tracking system

To apply for this job please visit twr.org.

To apply for this job please visit twr.org.

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