Debriefing: Getting the Most from Your Short-Term Missions Investment


Don Johnson

2016 Mission Leaders Conference
Short-Term Mission

Churches and agencies invest a lot of time and financial resources in short-term missions. But are we getting the best return on our investment? How can we capture and retain the growth that takes place in the lives of the participants (or help those who are struggling) and channel that into ongoing ministry? Debriefing is an essential aspect of doing short-term missions with excellence-but it’s only the first step. How do we accomplish “thorough follow-through?” We’ll look at the four stages of debriefing short-termers and share some tools for use at each stage to help ensure thorough follow-through.

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Reflections on Short-Term Missions

A few years ago, fifteen to twenty people travelled from the United States to another country to build a village house for a missionary family. Many of the participants had construction experience. The building project lasted several weeks. By the time these Americans left, the village house was almost complete.

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