Day 6 – Lott Carey

This devotional is part of the Black Missionary Heroes Past and Present Series.

Lott Carey (1780–1828)

Missionary to Liberia

Read 1 Corinthians 9:19–23

Born in 1780, in Charles City County, Virginia, Lott Carey became a believer in 1807 at the First Baptist Church of Richmond. In 1813 he started the Richmond African Missionary Society to support missions work in Africa. On January 16, 1821, with his family and several missionary partners, he organized the First Baptist Church of Monrovia and set sail for Liberia. There, Carey started several schools, practiced medical missions, and become vice-agent of the colony. Before departing for West Africa, Carey said, “It may be that I shall behold you no more on this side of the grave, but I feel bound to labor for my brothers ….” 

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