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The LAUNCH Survey: Helpful and Hindering Factors for Launching into Long-term Missions

A few years ago the founder of our training program said, “We have a lot of people who come to us with a desire to serve God internationally, but not all end up overseas. How can we help people get to the mission field? What things are helpful? What things hinder? How can we help address these issues?” These simple questions led to a search for how to appropriately steward the gifts and resources of people God has called and support them all the way into long-term missions. Out of these simple questions, the LAUNCH Survey was born.

The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

This book is written by the first intern that Facebook hired who has now risen into the upper echelons of the company. The book covers the basics of management, starting from small teams to more complex, multi-team organizations. Zhuo walks through major topics of management such as starting out as a manager, feedback, leading, self-management, meetings, hiring, execution and nurturing organizational culture. Most of the illustrations are drawn from her personal experience.


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