Here’s what’s in the April 2015 issue of EMQ…


Second Look: With an Eye on the Future 
By Gary Corwin 202

The 20/20 Gap: The Missional Function of Architecture 
By Matthew Niermann

Voices in the Local Church: Seven Pillars for a Missional Culture 
By J.D. Payne 

Excellence in Missions: Mission Networks: Connecting the Global Church 
By Kärin Butler Primuth

Orality in Missions: Orality Is Just Good Missiology 
By Ed Weaver



SYMPOSIUM: The Unengaged: An Engaging Strategy or Not… 
By Ted Esler, with responses by Steve Sang-Cheol Moon, Paul Eshleman, and John Becker

Short-term Mission Partnerships: Lessons from Paul and the Philippians 
By Daniel Rickett

The Motivation for Conversion to Christianity of the Momina People 
By Les Henson

Third Culture Kids in the Church: Finding Where You Belong 
By Michael Pollock

H/S-1 to H/S-5: Levels of Awareness of Honor/Shame in Cross-cultural Ministry 
By Werner Mischke

Think Big, Think Small: Partnerships as a Revolution in Global Missions 
By Josh Broward

Using Scripture in Multilingual Churches 
By Annette R. Harrison

Preparing Majority World Pastors to Teach the Whole Counsel of God 
By Philip Thornton



Apostles of Reason: The Crises of Authorityin American Evangelicalism
Molly Worthen | Oxford University Press

Connecting with Muslims: A Guideto Communicating Effectively
Fouad Masri | InterVarsity Press

Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Lessonson Thriving in Mission
James Nelson | Global Mapping International 

Lord and Saviour: Jesus of Nazareth
Alister McGrath | SPCK

Millenials and Mission: A Generation Faces a Global Challenge
Jim and Judy Raymo | William Carey Library 

Mission in the Early Church: Themes and Reflections
Edward L. Smither | Cascade Books

Peace Catalysts: Resolving Conflict in Our Families, Organizations and Communities
Rick Love | InterVarsity Press 

Sentness: Six Postures of Missional Christians
Kim Hammon and Darren Cronshaw | InterVarsity Press

Stopping the Traffick: A Christian Responseto Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking
Glenn Miles and Christa Foster-Crawford, Tanis DoCarmo, and Gundelina Velzco, editors | Wipf & Stock

The Church & the World: Understanding the Relevance of Mission
J. Andrew Kirk | Parternoster


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The Motivation for Conversion to Christianity of the Momina People

Why did the Momina people of the southern lowlands of West Papua, Indonesia, convert to Christianity? What were the cultural and social forces that precipitated the people movement among the Momina? I would suggest that seven recognizable motivating factors led to the conversion of the Momina people of the village of Sumo, and subsequently to the majority of this people group.1

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