Conducting Investigations: A Primer (TL)

Conducting Investigations: A Primer (TL)

Friday @ 8:30am

This workshop is an overview on responding well to workplace accidents, potential moral conduct policy violations, sexual harassment claims, child sexual abuse reports, and other issues.

Learning Objectives:

  • Effectively structure internal investigations to find the truth and maximize protection
  • Efficiently involve legal counsel
  • Define the scope of an investigation
  • Work with the media
  • Identify the factors that should lead to the discontinuation of an internal response.

[CPE 100 MIN – Specialized Knowledge]

Duane Early

Chief Development Officer and Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Duane studied at the University of Michigan, Clarks Summit, University, and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Twenty-five years ago, Duane and his wife Sue moved to North Carolina to help plant a church. The Lord led them in the 90’s to join ABWE to lead the first team in Ukraine. In 2000, Duane was asked to serve as the Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East. At the end of 2009, Duane was asked to become the Vice President of Global Operations

John R. Wylie, Esq.

Partner, Nonprofit Organizations
Sherman & Howard LLC

For more than 30 years, John has focused on advising religious nonprofit organizations, as well as other charitable, sports, health care and educational institutions. His experience includes such activities as obtaining private letter rulings from the IRS, structuring mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances between nonprofit organizations as well as between nonprofits and for-profits, providing counsel regarding the international activities of such organizations and negotiating and closing mergers and major asset transactions.


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