The North American Mission Movement – Today and Tomorrow

The North American Mission Movement – Today and Tomorrow

Thursday @ 3:30pm

Founded in September 1917, Missio Nexus has reached its centennial! Members of the board will address the question: At 100 years of Missio Nexus’ existence, what is your assessment of the North American mission movement both at present and going forward? That question will be dealt with in three specific segments related to the “foundations” of evangelism, discipleship and planting the church (EDP) worldwide. Hear 13 different opinions from these mission leaders.


Missio Nexus Board Members

Panelists: Susan Perlman, Mauricio Alvarez, Cherry Fields, Ken Katayama, Gregg Bryce, Russ Hersman, Greg Parsons, Wes Taber, Warren Janzen, David Steverson, Scott Holbrook, Kirk Ogden, Karin Primuth


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