2015 Spring Anthology

Balancing Priorities
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Moving from problem to possibility is exactly what mission leaders do. And with the gospel wind at our backs, we don’t question our calling. But often we wonder how best to advance—What course? What team? What next?

Fellow leaders on these pages address four strategic concerns for the Great Commission community. Chief among them: complexity. The world—and the global Church—is at the same time more accessible and more entangled than ever. We have more connections, more options, more implications to consider.

Meanwhile, our organizations face familiar realities in 21st-century light: adversity for the sake of the gospel; a diversity of faces at the table; and the legacy created by the cumulative effect of decisions happening not someday, but today.

Anthology Volume 3, Number 2

Table of Contents

Possible: A Blueprint for Changing How We Change the World by Stephen Bauman
Problems Solved, Not Avoided by Jeff Shinabarger
The Collaborative Disciplines of Teams That Thrive by Ryan Hartwig and Warren Bird
Valuing Everyone on The Team by Nancy Ortberg
The Power of Inquiry: In Conversation with Warren Berger
Gender Dynamics in Evangelical Institutions by Amy Reynolds and Janel Curry
Making Male-Female Dynamics Work in Leadership by Jenni Catron
Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White: Diversifying Boards by Leroy Barber
Complicated vs. Complex: Why the Difference Matters by Steve Moore
The Making of a Champion by Christine Caine
The Danger of Fruitfulness Without Purity by Michael Oh
What Are We Leading Toward? by Mindy Caliguire

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