The 2012 Christian Intercultural Report – Part 2

The 2012 Christian Intercultural Report: Profile, Practices and Challenges
Presenter: Doug Wilson Organization, Avant Ministries
Original Air Date: November 15, 2012

The Church has long experience in crossing cultural barriers with the intent of advancing Gods kingdom but we are not the only ones interested in crossing cultural barriers with the intent of accomplishing something. Developing intercultural competence is a hot issue with business, education, health care, government and non-profit organizations.How do the training methods that North American mission agencies use to prepare individuals to live contentedly and work effectively in a new culture compare to what other organizations are doing?

This webinar is an attempt to answer this question. It will also provide a summary of the best practices and the biggest challenges of the 100 largest North American mission agencies in providing pre-field cross-cultural training to new missionaries.

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