Webinar: The Ethical Edge — Leveraging AI for Authentic Content Strategy and Creation

A Peer2Peer Webinar for Communications and Marketing Professionals


Some say the explosive growth of AI is not so different from the chaos of the Wild West — a whole lot of opinions out there. Very few rules of engagement in place yet. In marketing departments, perspectives vary from the view that marketers shouldn’t use AI at all to one that says they have to embrace it to remain relevant. This webinar will explore the ethical use of AI for content strategy and creation in mission-driven organizations. We’ll offer practical strategies for leveraging the technology to enhance efficiency while staying true to your organization’s values and communicating with authenticity and integrity.


Julie Johnson Novara is owner of Julie Johnson Writing Services, a boutique content marketing studio that serves mission-driven organizations with content strategy, content creation, and copywriting services. Prior to starting the content studio, Julie taught English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for more than 15 years, serving students in Asia, Africa, and the US. She currently lives in central North Carolina with her husband.

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