Primary Activities of Mission Organizations

Have you ever wondered what are the primary activities of mission agencies?  In this brand new Missiographic you can explore key data from the newly released, 22nd Edition of the North American Mission Handbook.  We encourage you to take time to engage with this infographic and see changes in trends, activity rankings and what different types of agencies are doing to expand the Kingdom of God.
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Engage Through Prayer:

Our heavenly Father, we want to thank You for the way that You allow us, your people, to serve with You in the building of your Kingdom.  As we seek to be strategic in the use of our time and resources, help us discern how best to proceed in order to see the gospel taken to every corner of the world.  Help us to build your church and care for the lost by utilizing the diversity of your body.  We praise You for the unique gifts, strengths, and abilities that You have given us.  Father, please help us to work in unity as we strive to glorify You, together planting churches, developing leaders, and caring for the least and forgotten.

Personal Reflection:

It is worth noting that several mission organizations have shifted their primary focus from evangelism/discipleship to other areas – most commonly to education/training and relief/development.  This may be due to a number of factors – perhaps to the rise of the national church or any number of changes taking place globally.  But as we look long-term and continue to see the population of unreached peoples increasing globally, we must remain vigilant in pushing forward the work of active disciple-making.  How are you intentionally supporting and engaging in disciple-making among the unreached?

Engaging the Church:

Church mission leaders, as you engage with your congregation and prepare them for serving the unreached, you can utilize these tools to help guide you.  The more you know your prospective missionaries and their giftings, the better you can utilize these tools to compliment with a potential organizational match.  Also, as your church engages with the nations in your neighborhoods, take advantage of learning about mission organization activities and best practices.

Organizational Application:

What should be the primary focus for your organization in the work of the Great Commission?  Has God called you specifically to church planting, leadership development, orphan care, radio ministry or maybe relief and development?  Each of these are powerful tools in propelling the gospel forward throughout the world and seeing the church established.  Yet sometimes we can see that we have drifted in our organizations from our original mission statement.  There are so many good things with which to engage!  Perhaps God has refined your mission over the years, leading you to focus on new activities. Perhaps your mission statement needs to be updated.  Or, perhaps this is a time to re-calibrate your activities and realign yourself with the original mission that you set out to accomplish in a specific way.  Take this opportunity to pray, meet as a leadership team, and discuss what you think your primary activity is and what it should be!


Click here to find out more about the North American Missions Handbook, 22nd Edition.


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