RAW Mission

RAW Mission from Frontiers UK.

RAW = Radical, Authentic and Worldwide. In this podcast you can hear real-life stories from those taking the Good News across the world to the 1.9 billion Muslims who have little or no access to the gospel. The interviews present authentic stories of joy and frustration from ordinary followers of Jesus, with a radical calling to abandon the security and comforts of home. Catch hold of God’s worldwide heart as you hear how they obeyed Jesus’s command to go to all nations — beyond Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria — to the ends of the earth. To connect with us head to www.frontiers.org.uk or email matt@frontiers.org.uk “Missionaries are very human folks, just doing what they are asked. Simply a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody.” (Jim Elliot)

Target Audience

  • All Christians, but particularly those thinking about the Great Commission (sending, praying or going)

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