Missions Today

As technology connects us together, both shrinking and expanding our world, the global church is changing, too. Missions Today podcast will introduce the people, places and practices leading in today’s mission field: from pastors and non-profits to business leaders pioneering missional entrepreneurship.

Missions Today is a 26-minute weekly podcast that brings to life the stories and profiles of leaders on the front lines of global missions work today, featuring:

* Profiles of cutting-edge global missions work today from leaders on the frontlines

* Examples of successful “missional entrepreneurship” from individuals who are utilizing business and for-profit entities to advance missional outreach

* Biblical teaching from a wide variety of global voices that is motivating current missions and ministry work

* Practical ways all of us can engage the global church and missions work to reach a lost world for Christ

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in Missions
  • Mission Organizations
  • Mission Trends
  • Mission Shift
  • Personal Mission
  • Church Missions

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