Black Fire Ministries

Welcome to Black Fire Podcast, where 1,000 next-gen mission catalysts of African descent lead the charge alongside allies uplifting their generation. Each episode ignites a passion for Global Gospel Transformation, while some shed light on the rich missions history of the African Diaspora. Join us as we amplify present-day heroes’ narratives, igniting change worldwide. Our mission: empower leaders to shape a brighter future through faith and resilience. Our mission at Black Fire Podcast is to empower a new generation of diverse catalyst leaders within the African diaspora for Global Gospel Transformation while illuminating our rich and significant missions history.

Target Audience

  • African diaspora communities: Individuals of African descent living outside of Africa who are interested in or engaged in Christian ministry, leadership development, and missions work.
  • Next-generation leaders: Young adults and emerging leaders within the African diaspora who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.
  • Christian leaders and missionaries: Individuals who are actively involved in Christian ministry, missions, and leadership development, particularly those interested in engaging with diverse and multicultural communities.
  • Supporters and partners: Individuals, organizations, and churches who are interested in supporting and partnering with Black Fire Ministries in its mission to empower diverse leaders and advance global Gospel transformation.

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