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2018 Mission Leaders Conference

Thursday, September 20–Saturday, September 22, 2018
Caribe Royale, Orlando, Florida


Leith Anderson

Leith Anderson

Thabiti Anyabwile

Thabiti Anyabwile

Kärin Butler Primuth

Kärin Butler Primuth

Dick Brogden

Dick Brogden

David Pierce

David Pierce

Paul Winters

Paul Winters

Theresa Sidebotham

Theresa Sidebotham

Tim Sims

Tim Sims

Steve Beirn

David Armstrong

David Armstrong

Terry Clausen

Terry Clausen

Dave and Lorene Wilson

Dave and Lorene Wilson

Werner Mischke

Werner Mischke

John Van Drunen

John Van Drunen

Cole Costanzo

Cole Costanzo

Elli Oswald

Elli Oswald

Larry W. Sharp

Larry W. Sharp

Jolene Erlacher

Jolene Erlacher

Jenny Collins

Jenny Collins

Randy Schmor

Randy Schmor

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Schedule Highlights

Wednesday, Sep 19Thursday, Sep 20Friday, Sep 21Saturday, Sep 22
Pre-Conference Sessions

09:00 AM — North America Network Assembly by Vision 5:9
01:00 PM — Standards Introductory Workshop – Part 1 – by SOE
07:00 PM — Partnering Together Toward Movements of Churches In Every Muslim People – Part 1 – by Vision 5:9

07:30 AM — Registration Opens for Pre-conference Sessions
08:00 AM — Pre-Conference Sessions
Standards Introductory Workshop – Part 2 – by SOE
CFO Roundtable
CIO Roundtable
Missions Finance & Accounting Boot Camp
Missionary Training Best Practices – Reboot 2018
09:00 AM – Partnering Together Toward Movements of Churches In Every Muslim People – Part 2 – by Vision 5:9
10:00 AM — Exhibit Hall Opens
02:00 PM — Opening Session
MFA Workshop
02:45 PM — Afternoon Break
Women’s Networking Coffee
03:30 PM — Workshop Set #1
04:45 PM — Open Networking
MFA Workshop
05:45 PM — Dinner
07:00 PM — General Session
08:30 PM — Coffee Break
Networking Receptions
07:00 AM — Executive Women’s Networking Breakfast
08:15 AM — Exhibit Hall Opens
08:30 AM — Workshop Set #2
09:45 AM — Morning Break
10:30 AM — General Session
MFA Workshops
12:00 PM — Lunch
Networking Luncheons
01:30 PM — Workshop Set #3
02:45 PM — Afternoon Break
03:30 PM — Workshop Set #4
04:45 PM — Open Networking
MFA Workshops
05:45 PM — Dinner
07:00 PM — General Session
08:45 PM — Evening Break
08:00 AM — Exhibit Hall Opens
08:15 AM — Bible Teaching
MFA Workshops
09:15 AM — Workshop Set #5
10:15 AM — Morning Break
11:00 AM — Closing Session

Workshop Tracks


Vision 5:9 | Wednesday, 9:00 AM | North American Network Assembly | $70

The North America Network Assembly is an opportunity for Vision 5:9 members and interested parties to learn about the state of the gospel in the Muslim world and identify how we can collaborate to see effective church planting efforts among all Muslim peoples.

Specifically, we will bring an update on the state of the Gospel among Muslims, a report from the large global consultation hosted by Vision 5:9 in October 2017 and a challenge to be involved in a global prayer and fasting initiative that has great potential to change the face of our work in the Muslim world.

We will then look at our three primary mandates listed below and discuss and plan, in small groups, how we can collaborate over these mandates.

1. Facilitate engagement and effective church planting among all Muslim peoples through the sharing of resources and fruitful practices.
2. Mobilize the global church to provide workers among Muslim peoples.
3. Monitor, assess, and report the progress of God’s Kingdom in the Muslim world to the greater glory of God.

Lunch will be included in this all day session ending at 5:00 PM. For more information contact

David Armstrong, Kathy Mort, & Randy Schmor | Wednesday, 1:00 PM | Standards Introductory Workshop – Part 1 | $175

The Short-Term Mission Standards Introductory Workshop (SIW) is conducted by leaders from the Board and staff of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE). It’s perfect for those seeking to fulfill an SOE Membership requirement,* for those exploring the possibility of joining SOE, or for those who just want to do an excellent job with their short-term missions! With an emphasis on mutual partnerships and long-term effectiveness, it will provide an overview of Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission Theory (MISTM), and will review each of the Seven Standards of STM best practice. For SOE members, this workshop will also help you understand how to form and manage your own Peer Review Team in order to achieve full SOE Accreditation. The workshop will be interactive, use case studies, and rely on dynamic small group discussions. Expect a lot of great learning in 24 hours, and also a lot of fun working together toward achieving excellence in all our STM endeavors!*The Short-Term Mission Standards Introductory Workshop (SIW) is a requirement for key personnel of SOE member organizations (churches, agencies and schools).

Vision 5:9 | Wednesday, 7:00 PM | Partnering Together Toward Movements of Churches In Every Muslim People – Part 1 | $54

A conversation co-sponsored by Vision 5:9 and Missio Nexus. In these 5 hours, we’ll discuss not only specific obstacles to each of these 3 emphases but also hear from those who are having success pursuing and aligning them. We’ll be strong on case studies and stories which illustrate and instruct. Both Majority World and North American leaders will present.

  • Partnering together: North American church and missions worlds must continue to grow in our collaborating skills both with one another and with Majority World church and missions worlds.
  • Toward movements of churches: Not individual and extracted but multiple and indigenous.
  • In every Muslim people: In all 2100 unreached Muslim peoples, including the 1050 among which none of us is yet serving.

Vision 5:9 is a gathering place for 180 agencies, denominations, and networks intent on nurturing movements of churches among all Muslim peoples. Whether a network member already or not, join us for this conversation designed to sharpen partnership tools for church planting movement impact all over the Muslim world. For information, please contact Mike Latsko,

David Armstrong, Kathy Mort & Randy Schmor | Thursday, 8:00 AM | Standards Introductory Workshop – Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1. See description above.

Vision 5:9 | Thursday, 8:00 AM | Partnering Together Toward Movements of Churches In Every Muslim People – Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1. See description above.

Tim Maxwell | Thursday, 8:00 AM | CFO Roundtable: Best Practices | $44
Finance | 4.5 CPE

The CFO Roundtable is an opportunity for experienced financial leadership to network, interact, and learn from their peers. This highly interactive forum will equip leaders to discover the answers to the most complicated mission-critical issues and empower you to overcome your current or next challenge.

Learning Objectives:
Assess solutions shared by CFOs and lessons learned from pitfalls they’ve experienced and traps they’ve escaped
Explain financial best practices and strategize how to implement these ideas in your work responsibilities
Best of all, you’ll hear war stories, and examples of dos and don’ts —

After attending, you will have an expanded perspective on financial best practices and how to implement these ideas in your work responsibilities.

Doug Hennum | Thursday, 8:00 AM | CIO Roundtable | $44
Information Technology | 4.5 CPE

The purpose of the CIO Roundtable is to create a place for technology leaders to network with peers, learn about the latest technologies, discuss challenges, find new solutions and get advice from other colleagues. It is designed for senior IT executives and is aimed at helping them address strategic IT opportunities and challenges in a globally connected world.

Learning Objectives:
Identify the latest technologies and how they may benefit your organization
Ascertain technology challenges facing mission organizations and review potential solutions
Assess and address strategic IT opportunities

Tim Simms & Dave Meldrum-Green | Thursday, 8:00 AM | Missions Finance & Accounting Boot Camp | $44
Accounting | 4.5 CPE

Facilitate open dialogue on best practices impacting finances and accounting for mission organizations working locally and overseas in the following areas :
Deputized fundraising (background, do’s/don’ts and suggested policies)
Grant agreements and working with foreign entities
Seconded workers (sending and receiving organizations)
Foreign earned income
Treatment of missionary benefits
Dealing with parsonages
Adopting proper policies (Conflict of interest, Whistleblower, Gift Acceptance, Intellectual Property, etc)

Mark Morgenstern | Thursday, 8:00 AM | Missionary Training Best Practices – Reboot 2018 | $44

During this 4-hour session, we’ll be forming a work-group and initiating the relaunch of the Missio Nexus Missionary Training Best Practices project that started in 2012 and then stalled out in 2014. With the advent of the new Missio Nexus Training Cohort, we are developing the relational capital to work together well on a unified document that addresses practices to be followed, current examples of that practice in action in the marketplace and in missions, evaluation tools for that practice and some practical steps for moving forward with establishing the practice.

This document will form the basis for workshops and events to be hosted by Missio Nexus in the future and perhaps even open doors for a standards of excellence mutual-accountability community to form in the future. The format for the day will be a work-group. Come prepared to talk and to plan!

Executive Leadership

For CEOs, COOs, executives and senior management who are providing vision and direction for strategy, leadership, development and organizational transformation.

Eldon Porter | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Becoming Partnership Friendly – Redefining the “We”

“Why are western agencies often seen as not partnership friendly and how is that being addressed?Traditional western agencies, that were birthed in the “from the West to the rest” reality, face huge challenges as they seek to adapt to the “from anywhere to everywhere” partnership dependent reality of a highly interconnected global Church. This workshop will identify the three major drivers that have created the new paradigm, the specific challenges agencies are facing, and the trends as to how different ones are responding. We will also look at the strategic role that networks are playing in facilitating strategic partnerships between the various parts of the global missions movement.”

Warren Janzen & Kirk Ogden | Friday, 8:30 AM| Collaboration for Kingdom Impact

Is it possible to move past agency competition and really seek the best for each other towards the accomplishment of shared purposes? Could we move past transactional partnerships towards deep and generous collaboration, demonstrating new degrees of unity between organizations and achieving better stewardship of kingdom resources? Is there another option beyond mergers or acquisitions to strengthen kingdom impact? This workshop will examine how three agencies are achieving more kingdom benefit through associating together in a unique relationship that draws them close together yet honors their identity and legacy. You will discover the kind of values and relationships needed along with the practicalities of how to make this kind of association work for you.

Julie Green | Friday, 1:30 PM | How to Monitor the Quality of Cross-cultural Relationships

Responsible leaders audit their finances to make sure everything is right and supporting their ends. Yet if people and relationships are more important than money, why don’t we monitor the health of our relationships on a regular basis? This workshop will show you how to use the Relational Lens to bring the same intentionality you bring to your finances to cross-cultural partnering relationships. In this workshop you will:

Discern ways in which our cultures shape how we view the biblical basis for relationships.
Identify the 5 cross-cultural lenses used to understand and measuring the quality of partner and stakeholder relationships.
Understand the value of people-centered, data-driven method to measure the quality of multicultural partnership relationships and
Explore data-driven solutions to difficult partnerships.

Werner Mische | Friday, 3:30 PM | Giving Honor: A Key to Healthy Cross-Cultural Partnerships

Objective 1: Observe from Scripture and social science that RIVALRY was a problem in the N.T. world; correspondingly, honor competition and rivalry was a major challenge for the N.T. church.
Objective 2: Examine what rivalry and honor competition look like in mission agencies, networks, or cross-cultural partnerships today. Bring to the surface honor-status issues that often remain unstated in cross-cultural collaboration.

Objective 3: Explore the Scriptures showing Jesus and Paul revealing that serving and “giving honor” undermine rivalry and honor competition.
Objective 4: Consider what “giving honor” looks like in cross-cultural partnerships today. It often looks like empathic listening.

Rob Dixon | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Flourishing Male/Female Ministry Partnerships in the Era of #churchtoo

In the era of #metoo and #churchtoo, are healthy and thriving ministry partnerships between women and men possible? Come and learn what attributes make partnerships between men and women simultaneously satisfying and fruitful. Building on more than two decades of ministry experience and four years of doctoral study on this topic, Rob Dixon will help you discern ways to strengthen male/female ministry partnerships in your organization so that they can become places of greater flourishing.

Global Strategies

For those exploring the significance and the challenges of partnerships in the global paradigm of missions.

David Hackett | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Navigating the Landscape of Networks

In today’s interconnected world, networks are playing a key role to shape mission strategies and birth partnerships. Learn about the variety of today’s networks, how they are led, and what they are accomplishing. Hear impact stories from network leaders and consider how your agency can prepare its leaders to participate in the network world. Led by David Hackett, visionSynergy Sr Advisor.

David Hackett & Eldon Porter | Friday, 8:30 AM | Q & A Panel with Network Leaders

Over 500 networks​ are​ facilitating collaboration in mission worldwide today. Come meet some of the network leaders Missio Nexus is specially hosting at this event. Learn about the types of networks and ways they are shaping today’s mission strategies. A Q&A panel will share stories from the field and describe how agencies are contributing and benefiting from their participation in networks. Led by visionSynergy & Missio Nexus.

Eldon Porter | Friday, 1:30 PM | Developing a Network Engagement Strategy for Effective Partnerships

This workshop will focus on the practical steps required to build an effective network engagement strategy. Networks have become the nodes of a highly interconnected global Church seeking to partner together for effective ministry. Understanding and engaging with networks will help you recognize the unique place God has prepared for you and the partners with whom He would have you collaborate. This workshop will provide an overview of different kinds of networks, explain the four degrees of network engagement, and then give time for each participant to craft a network engagement strategy for their church or ministry.

Ellen Livingood | Friday, 3:30 PM | North American Churches’ Fit in Global Networks and Partnerships

Only a tiny fraction of the vast number of churches across America have found their way into successful missions collaboration via a network. Yet most church leaders who do participate in a network are enthusiastic about the benefits. In this workshop, practitioners will share illustrations of what has made for successful integration of American churches into networks from both the church and network-leader perspective. We will consider whether church partnerships are more successful where a network serves the relationship and how churches can creatively contribute to network success. In dialog groups we will wrestle with the practical issues you are facing in church-to-network engagement.

Karin Butler Primuth | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Equipping Your Field Leadership for Effective Partnerships

Equipping Your Field Leadership for Effective Partnerships​​New realities on the mission field call for partnering and not just pioneering. Learn about the vital need to equip your field personnel with the unique skills, knowledge and biblical understanding essential for effective partnerships. Discover the new mission role of “network leader” and the training resources available to equip your personnel. A recent Missio Nexus survey on pre-field training will also be discussed.

Globally Engaged Churches

For church leaders, mission pastors and mission-minded individuals who are involved in global discipleship, partnerships, church/agency relationships and the essential role of church in missions.

Larry Sharp | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Everything a Church Leader Needs to Know About Business As Mission

The workshop will overview BAM including case studies and focus on the following objectives:1. What is BAM? The term is used with a variety of meanings but we will focus on the Lausanne Committee 4-point definition.2. Why is BAM important in our generation? We will focus on historical data from the book of Acts, pre-20th century missions and the current realities in our world.3. Who is doing it? Case studies from real kingdom businesses.

Alexandra Zamora | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Discipling the Hispanic Church from North America to Go to All Nations

This is an overview of the roles given by God to different nations at different times in the history of missions. We will explore the American dream versus God’s dream. Church leaders will learn the fundamental aspects of working to mobilize Hispanics from the USA and beyond by developing interpersonal relationships, doing missions while dancing, emphasizing food and celebration, discovering resilience in the hands of God, studying a theology of suffering, embracing the community of culture, highlighting the differences in learning styles, understanding the culture of shame and honor versus the culture of guilt and justice. While relying on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit is part of the process, participants will learn important first steps and then how to move on.

Aaron Pierce | Friday, 8:30 AM | Jesus in the Secular World #1: Understanding Global Secularization

Global secularization, a trend closely tied to the globalization of culture among urban youth, presents a unique challenge to missions worldwide because of the large cultural gap that exists between the Church and secularized society.This next generation, connected by consumerism, social media, and the entertainment industry, forms the largest global culture ever to exist. As a result, global secularization is not limited to post-Christian regions like Europe or the USA. It is impacting cultures in urban centers of every region of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.This workshop introduces the key influences, voices and worldview of the Global Youth Culture and the implications of global secularization to world missions.

Russ | Friday, 8:30 AM | Discipling the Next Generation to Reach the Muslim World

Missionary candidates will often delay their preparation until they are on the field in these three areas: Language, evangelism, and social/cultural training. A wise and proactive sending church can help potential missionaries get started the right way. The era of waiting to be ‘immersed’ in language is over. What can the church do about it? Muslims are in our communities here at home already. Are we willing to send people to an Islamic mission field who have never shared the gospel with a Muslim before? If not, how can the church help them do that well? Often, missionaries to the Middle East are trained to say, “I don’t talk politics.” This strategy misses one of the greatest open doors to the heart of the gospel for modern Arabs. This seminar aims to equip the church to reorient pre-deployment expectations around growth in each of these three areas.

Matthew Ellison | Friday, 1:30 PM | Marks of a Missions Mobilized Church

What does a church that has been unleashed for global missions look like? Considering that missions is the supernatural work of our sovereign God, every church will have some unique characteristics that account for the varying gifts, talents and passions that He gives to each one. Still, observation of churches that are bearing fruit in their missions endeavors often reveals common characteristics or Marks. In this workshop we will explore the Marks of churches that have been effectively mobilized to reach the nations. Though not a formula for missions mobilization, these Marks will help church and church missions leaders evaluate their church’s current mission culture, perhaps exposing areas that may need attention while reinforcing others.

Objective: Help church leaders understand that deliberateness is essential to cultivating a vibrant missions culture

Alexandra Zamora | Friday, 1:30 PM | From Mission Field to Mission Force, Latinos Are Stepping Up

Take a short tour of the history of missions to Latin America, hear some statistics of the global Latin diaspora, learn how to distinguish between a Latino and a Hispanic, and find out why anthropological and general cultural traits of Latinos / Hispanics are very useful in the mission field today.

Aaron Pierce | Friday, 3:30 PM | Jesus in the Secular World #2: Responding to Global Secularization

Fueled by global secularization, the Global Youth Culture is largely influenced by one predominant worldview: Secular Humanism. In this relativistic culture, we are god and consumerism is our religion. This is a generation that does not look to the Church for answers, but believes it to be a dead and empty tradition of the past. Unfortunately, our evangelistic efforts are often presented within a framework that fails to connect with the presuppositions of a secular humanistic worldview.How can we respond to the growing worldview, lifestyle and moral gap that exists between the Church and secularized society? How can we engage the globally connected younger generational, especially those who are increasingly apathetic, cynical, and even opposed to Christianity?.

Russ | Friday, 3:30 PM | Engaging Millennials for Service

They don’t care what you know, until they know that you care…
Millennials hate the label ‘millennials’ because, like everyone else, they long to be known and accepted. The church has an important role to play in mentoring, discipling and coaching this emerging group to fulfill their calling to the Great Commission. Listen to millennials, so that you will affirm their strengths. Listen to them, so that you can understand their weaknesses. Be patient and don’t challenge them prematurely to a higher calling – until you get to know them. Otherwise, fear will cause them to assume you don’t know them well enough to assess their strengths or weaknesses. Trust is their highest value, and once they know that you know them, you’ll be able to help them with their “Higher Calling.” This seminar aims to help church leaders have a plan for engaging millennials on a track toward missionary service.

This seminar aims to help church leaders have a plan for engaging millenials on a track toward missionary service.

Dave & Lorene Wilson | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Panel Discussion: Mobilization vs. Recruitment

So what’s the difference between Mobilizing and Recruiting missionaries? Is missions just a program in the church or is it a strategic focus in the overall disciple-making process? This panel will promote partnership between churches and agencies to determine a path forward as we seek to accomplish the Great Commission together. Discipleship, mentoring, mission education and cross cultural training will all be addressed. Dave and Lorene Wilson will facilitate this panel discussion with panelists including Aaron Pierce, Alexandra Zamora, Russ, and Matthew Ellison.

Mission Finance + Administration

For development/fundraising specialists, accounting/finance staff and legal/tax professionals serving mission organizations. Please note that this track follows a unique schedule.

Earn Up to 19 CPE Credits (Fields of Study subject to change)
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None Required
Program Type: Group-Live

Co-Sponsored by CapinCrouse LLP, this seminar will allow you to qualify for up to 19 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE sponsors, CPE credits will be granted based on a 50-minute hour. The NASBA sponsor number is 103366. For questions or more information concerning the seminar and CPE credit, please contact us at

Cancellations and request for refunds must be received by Septembe 7, 2018. For questions or information regarding administrative policies, such as concerns and refunds, please contact Terra Aguirre at or call 317.885.2620, ext. 1420.

Theresa Sidebotham & Paul Winters | Thursday, 2:00 PM | Crisis, Cybersecurity, and Currency Best Practices
Information Technology | 1.5 CPE

  • This workshop addresses critical legal compliance and risk management areas for our electronic age and beyond. Whether a ministry is dealing with potential data breaches, physical security issues, or a #MeToo crisis, its leaders need to understand how to best handle them. Emergent challenges related to the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and other financial ministry aspects warrant careful attention too. Nonprofit attorneys Theresa Sidebotham and Paul Winters will introduce legal principles and “best practices” guidance in these areas, including recommended policies and procedures, so that ministry leaders are well equipped both for planning and for when problems arise.Learning objectives:To better identify areas of organizational risk including the areas of sexual harassment, cybersecurity and electronic-age finances, and related legal considerations.

    To learn how to best address and prioritize such risk areas, as well

Mike Lee & Tim Neu | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Financial Reporting in the Fast Lane: GAAP Developments and Best Practices
Accounting | 1.5 CPE

  • Learning ObjectivesExplore the biggest change in nonprofit financial reporting in 20 yearsDevelop plans for implementing the new standards

    Consider best practices in nonprofit financial reporting

Josh Heidelman | Thursday, 4:45 PM | Contracts Common to Nonprofits
Business Law | CPE 1

  • This workshop will identify the contracts that nonprofit ministries often enter, or need to enter. Additionally, the workshop will expose hidden dangers and highlight areas and opportunities for negotiationLearning Objectives:Participants will be able to identify opportunities to their advantage in contract negotiation

    Participants will learn about the risks and exposures embedded in contracts common to ministries.

    Participants will gain tools for effective negotiation and deal commemoration.

Barbara Bowman & Kristen Shuler | Friday, 8:30 AM | Creating a Culture of Philanthropy: Leadership Take Notice!
Specialzed Knowledge | 2 CPE

  • Often fundraising is limited more by organizational culture, structure, and systems than by lack of strategic and tactical know-how.Learning Objectives:This workshop will examine how to create a culture of corporate-wide philanthropy by treating the underlying systems instead of symptoms.

    The challenges and concerns fundraisers feel get in the way of their effectiveness

    The role of senior leadership and the board as drivers of a culture of philanthropy

    How development, programs, and communications interrelate

    Understand how the right information and data is critical to strategy

    How to get the goals right

    How to treat the donor as a real partner

Ron Fleming | Friday, 10:30 AM | Lost and Found – Technology Solutions
Information Technology | 1.5 CPE

  • Technology is usually necessary in every aspect of ministry. But how do you choose the right solution? What is the best approach to make the right selection? What are methods to insure you get what you pay for? What are pitfalls to look for in the selection process? After attending this presentation, you will understand best practices and biblical principles in technology selection.

Kurt Nelson, Michael Johnson, & Ed Weaver | Friday, 10:30 AM | President/CEO/ED as Fundraising Professional
Specialized Knowledge | 1.5 CPE

  • Who is the Chief Development Officer in your organization? While an organization may have a designated Development Director, the President/CEO/ED’s active participation in the overarching fundraising strategy is critical to the success of the fundraising operation.Through this workshop, participants will better understand:

    How to help the President/CEO/ED embrace his/her role in the organization’s fundraising strategyHow to set the President/CEO/ED up well to help lead the organization toward a culture of philanthropy

    How to best include the President/CEO/ED in the fundraising team’s donor relations strategies

    How to manage a caseload of donors for the President/CEO/ED

    Critical steps your President/CEO/ED should take toward leading the Board/other key partners to play an active role in supporting the fundraising operation

Dan Busby & John Van Drunen | Friday, 1:30 PM | Recent Developments Impacting Your Organization
Taxes | 2 CPE

  • The development of new tax laws are bringing uncertainty for ministries in several areas. Join us as we walk through the implications of tax reform in addition to other recent financial and legal developments. This session will provide practical solutions in how your organization can model excellence, integrity, and compliance amidst these challenges.

Ted Batson | Friday, 3:30 PM | Survey of Finance and Administration Practices
Finance | 1.5 CPE

  • This session will provide the results of a survey of mission agencies as to their practices in a number of finance and accounting areas and highlight best practices. Participants will gain an understanding of the diversity of practice among mission agencies and leave with a better understanding of best practices.

Cole Costanzo | Friday, 3:30 PM | Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Fundraising/Development Staff
Personnel/HR | 1.5 CPE

  • From smaller organizations to the largest organizations, retention of quality fundraising staff is a challenge. In this workshop, we will explore how to successfully find the right candidate for your organization’s fundraising staff needs and then how to retain that ideal candidate through establishing a proper training and on-boarding plan.Through this workshop, participants will better understand:

    How to get the Position Description right for your organization’s fundraising personnel needsHow to create an on-boarding plan that enables staff to take full ownership of their role

    The process for engaging development staff in the mission of the organization so they have experiences to back their vision-casting words

    How to establish, manage and evaluate expectations, including clearly articulated dollar and activity goals

    Strategies for empowering development staff to meet their goals through providing a dashboard of the right information to track their progress

Nicholas Morgan & Scott Holbrook | Friday, 4:45 PM | The Landscape and Technical Challenges of Collaboration
Business Management and Organization | 1 CPE

  • This is the age of collaboration. This workshop will define the landscape of collaboration and identify options available, including Management Service Orgs (MSO), Associations, Administrative Consolidation, Merger and Acquisition, and Outsourced Services Agreements. For each option the workshop will expose technical and legal challenges and provide tips for successful execution.Participants will be able to identify structural options that fall under the general term “collaboration”.Participants will gain tools to help efficiently guide collaboration discussions.

    Participants will learn of some technical and legal challenges in the most common arrangements of collaboration.

Michael Johnson & Beverly Braunsky | Friday, 4:45 PM | Balancing Act: Restricted vs. Unrestricted Fundraising
Accounting | 1 CPE

  • This workshop will address the subtle issues surrounding restricted and unrestricted charitable income and the importance of balancing fiscal responsibility with donor intentions.Workshop attendees will be able to understand:The definition of restricted and unrestricted donations

    How restricted funds are designated

    Legal obligations of restricted gifts

    The types of restricted funds

    Donor cultivation strategies for restricted and unrestricted gifts

Mike Batts & Tim Neu | Saturday, 8:15 AM | Effective Internal Controls in the Electronic Era
Auditing | 1 CPE

  • Objectives:Recognize sound fundamental principles of internal controlDetermine the importance of solid internal control to the organization, its employees, and its constituents

    Effectively implement fundamental internal controls, including dual control, segregation of duties, oversight, monitoring, and more.

Dave Cram | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Closing Panel
Specialized Knowledge | 1.5 CPE

  • In this closing workshop, a select group from the MFA Planning Committee and workshop presenters gathers as a mass panel to answer any and all questions you ask them. Questions can be about anything related to finance and administration in mission organizations. Nothing is held back. You will get that pressing question answered.As a result of attending this workshop, you will know more about key problem areas in mission organization administration and better able to address those issues in your own organization.
Personnel: Human Resources

For executives, senior leaders and staff who are involved within their organizations in the personnel support and development functions of human resources.

Robin Schwartz | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Solving People Problems Through a Strategic Communications Plan

  • Robin will introduce a strategic approach to problem solving your communications challenges by assessing your needs and your resources, mobilizing others, and implementing your strategy. Learning objectives include:• Identify an individual, departmental, or organizational communications problem• Partner with others to brainstorm your available resources• Make connections with others who have similar challenges or have overcome them

Theresa Sidebotham | Friday, 8:30 AM | Trends and Trials of Employment Law

  • Just when you got used to employee-centric interpretations of handbooks and labor laws, the government lurched in the other direction. And to further complicate HR, we now have #metoo and #churchtoo. We’ll cover current stories and trends, with a special focus on handling sexual harassment issues. Stay current with key legal issues in employment law, take a practical look at sexual harassment prevention and response, and identify points of danger for your organization.

Rob Dixon | Friday, 1:30 PM | Flourishing Male/Female Ministry Partnerships in the Era of #churchtoo

  • In the era of #metoo and #churchtoo, are healthy and thriving ministry partnerships between women and men possible? Come and learn what attributes make partnerships between men and women simultaneously satisfying and fruitful. Building on more than two decades of ministry experience and four years of doctoral study on this topic, Rob Dixon will help you discern ways to strengthen male/female ministry partnerships in your organization so that they can become places of greater flourishing.

Joel Sutton | Friday, 3:30 PM | Width and Depth in the Assessment of New Personnel

  • This workshop is designed for all those involved in assessing the readiness of potential missionary personnel to thrive in a cross-cultural setting. The group will be asked to provide feedback in the following areas: what elements in an applicant’s life do they assess, how is assessment shared between the church and the agency, how is this done in a legally compliant way, what are their guidelines for the various emotional wellness and lifestyle issues, and how do they delve deeply in order to determine the level of healing? The group will be sharing best practices in assessment in a way that can benefit everyone.

Terry Clausen | Saturday, 9:15 AM | HR Partnerships Between Field and Home

  • In the missions world, their in continual need for great partnership between the home office and the field. This workshop will be interactive, with case study review to serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue when partnerships with the home office and the field go well and when it does not. During this workshop the participant will leave with opportunity to interact and connect with peers through case study review, as well as practical tips in improving partnerships from the home office to the field.
Personnel: Member Health

For executives, senior leaders and staff who are involved within their organizations in the personnel support and development functions of member health.

Faith De La Cour | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Member Care and HR Working in Partnership – a Dialogue

  • How can mission Member Care and HR teams work together for the greater good of the organization AND the missionaries they support? What builds trust between these areas? What are some of the challenges that are faced within a single organization and what are suggested best practice models to manage these challenges? Join us for a dialogue between experienced Member Care, HR and Mission Leadership as we explore these questions.

Laura Mae Gardner | Friday, 8:30 AM | Resilience: What it Looks Like and How to Develop it

  • This workshop will present a logical framework that is both biblical and duplicatable. It is hoped that attendees leave saying, “Aha, so that’s what was going on and where I am in the process, and what I can do about it.”

Steve Coffey | Friday, 1:30 PM | Thriving in the Face of Threat

  • How do you lead and shepherd people living and working under continual threat due to to religious, social and political climates surrounding them? How have strategy, policy, and application been utilized to help our people not just exist, but thrive? This session will explore principles and strategies, and invite interaction about how to improve pre-field and ongoing services to our co-workers.

Brent Lindquist | Friday, 3:30 PM | Sexuality in Missions

  • This workshop will look at the changing landscape regarding sexuality, including attraction and gender, and it’s impact on mission policy and strategy. This will include an overview of current literature about the topics. One or more presenters will be presenting digitally.

Perry Bradford | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Session Name

  • We are living in a fast paced world where change & transition are the norm. During this workshop we will take a look at the state of the global family in missions. We will be exploring some of the major global trends impacting families and how mission leadership might respond to these growing trends. We hope to answer the questions: What do we see going on globally and how might these trends impact our screening process? What are the spiritual, emotional and educational issues that today’s global families are facing and how might we as mission leaders provide appropriate levels of care during pre-field, on-field, & post-field transitions?
Personnel: Mobilization

For executives, senior leaders and staff who are involved within their organizations in the personnel support and development functions of mobilization.

Mark Stebbins & Don Parrott | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Insights and Learnings from “Ideation”

  • For several years we have been gathering agency mobilizers and missions pastors in a 24 hour event called “Ideation.” The agenda is set by input from the participants prior to the event. As a result the take-aways are practical and helpful. This workshop will present those learnings in order to continue equipping us as mobilizers.

Steve Beirn | Friday, 8:30 AM | Mobilizing in Tandem: The Church and the Agency Shoulder to Shoulder

  • This workshop will address the foundation upon which you build an agency/church partnership and teamwork. Building a strategy that adds value to all parties will be discussed. Several templates or examples of tandem ministry will be provided. This kind of approach can be managed by almost any size church or agency.

Bruce Sidebotham | Friday, 1:30 PM | Synergy for Mobilization and Support in Reserve Chaplaincy

  • Raising support intimidates many missionaries out of ever getting to the field. Many young couples resent medical and retirement requirements in their support packages. The seemingly natural labor pool in military retirees and veterans has been difficult to mobilize. This workshop will help missionary mobilizers discover a synergy between the missionary calling and reserve military chaplaincy that can result in vision casting as insiders and in reducing the amount of support that needs to be raised.

Jamie Farr | Friday, 3:30 PM | Where Diversity is Working in Mobilization

  • This session will feature multiple communities from different ethnic backgrounds. A conversation will be had around smaller tables with participants outlining questions to be engaged with by the diverse community of representatives from different cultural backgrounds. The representatives from different communities will be expected to present a set of challenges their community faces in global missions participation and specifically an example of where an organization, church, or community is doing it well. Jamie will be facilitating the conversations.
Personnel: Training

For executives, senior leaders and staff who are involved within their organizations in the personnel support and development functions of training.

John Gilberts | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Truth in Advertising – Balancing Idealistic Recruiting and the Realities of Missionary Service

  • It’s a tension all industries struggle with… Our leaders are pressuring mobilizers to grow the organization and get more numbers in the front door while our trainers and field leaders are left scratching their heads over the naïveté and idealism of some of the people who show up at orientation or even on the field. And then there is the new missionaries, who often find themselves dealing with a form of “buyer’s remorse”, feeling misled or even lied to about their new life and ministry. Can we partner better? Join us to discuss the challenges on both sides as well as to hear the truth of how our practices positively or negatively affect the organizational trust, effectiveness, and longevity of our newly mobilized missions force.

Tim Roehl | Friday, 8:30 AM | Transformissional Coaching — Multiply Your Equipping and Leadership Effectiveness

  • What if you could …-increase the effectiveness of your training by over 400%?
    -provide ongoing investment in your missionaries and indigenous leaders in a way that empowers them to grow both personally and in their ministry work?
    -equip your leaders with a simple, reproducible way to equip other leaders?
    -provide teams with a way to relate, plan and work together more effectively?
    -change your organizational culture in how you honor, equip and deploy the choice servants of God that He trusts you with?All these “what ifs” can become your reality as you integrate the ministries of coaching and mentoring in your organization! Learn the benefits, the basics and even “taste and see” in our workshop based on “TransforMissional Coaching”.

Mark Morgenstern | Friday, 1:30 PM | The Varied World of Learning Technologies — Assembling Your Unique Combination

  • Are you suspicious, skeptical, or just plain burned-out on technology? Today there is much talk about “e-learning” and many options out there competing for your attention. While avoiding technical jargon, this workshop will orient you to the breadth of variants that all fall under the category e-learning — online courses, webinars, on-demand video, virtual classroom, podcasts, wikis, independent study courses, micro-learning, mobile apps — and then explore what each is particularly capable of and how to assemble a unique combination of learning options for your unique community of learners. Whether you are trying to bring together peers that are geographically spread out or trying to make learning available right at the moment of need, there may be a tool out there that can deliver.

Sheryl Takagi Silzer | Friday, 1:30 PM | Cultural Self Discovery for Multicultural Interaction

  • The major challenge for multicultural interaction is recognizing cultural misunderstandings in order to better reflect biblical truth. Cultural misunderstandings affect every aspect of mission life and work. Ministry workers often mistake their way of doing things as Biblical rather than cultural and therefore they are reluctant to make changes. This session will introduce the reasons why people do things differently and is part of a Cultural Self Discovery workshop that enables ministry workers to identify their own culture in order to apply Biblical principles to further God’s kingdom. The workshop is based on the book “Biblical Multicultural Teams: Applying Biblical Truth to Cultural Differences,” 2011.

Mark Hedinger | Friday, 3:30 PM | Relationship as the Non-negotiable Foundation for Effective Missionary Preparation

  • We will explore biblical and practical reasons why training for mission work needs to be done in a relational environment. Starting with definitions and intercultural perspectives on interpersonal relationships, we will then consider how the Bible presents life and ministry in terms of vertical (God/human) relationships and horizontal (human/human) relationships. We will hear input from trainers from other nations who speak to how they value relationships alongside content in training. Finally, we will talk about ways that relationship can be woven into internet and residential training events.

Dick Freed| Saturday, 9:15 AM | Incorporating Interactive Adult Learning for Maximum Growth – What? Why? How?

  • By the end of this workshop, all participants will have participated in a sample learning experience using interactive adult learning design and facilitation, been introduced to the seven steps of interactive active adult design and the four kinds of learning tasks, seen how interactive adult learning is used around the world for training ordinary people in evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting, and planned their next steps for learning how to implement interactive adult learning and facilitation
Short-Term Missions

For educators, church leaders, mission pastors and mission-minded individuals who are involved in short-term missions—sending, going and receiving.

Elli Oswald | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Rethinking Orphanage Visits: Child Safe Mission Trips

  • Many Christians visit or volunteer in orphanages. Yet, increasing awareness of the risks compels us to rethink how mission trips can better support vulnerable children. This workshop will address the risks associated with visiting orphanages, and present practical guidance and resources for better volunteering and child-safe mission trips – aligned with biblical principles and a strong evidence base.

Kathy Mort | Thursday, 3:30 PM | Making Mission Trips Better

  • Looking through the lens of the seven Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission, we’ll discuss components for a successful STM program for your church, school or mission. We will consider best practices in short-term missions and some tools to help you take your mission program to the next level!

Jesse Kroeze | Friday, 8:30 AM | Partnering Together to Maximize Effectiveness: Churches & STM Agencies

  • Learning from each other is essential to navigating short-term missions in a way that will bring maximum effectiveness to both participants and communities. Both churches and agencies have a vital role to play and bring different strengths and assets to the process. This workshop will use interactive exercises and teaching to engage discussion on how we can partner together in order to pursue the best version of short-term missions for life-long transformation, both within the participants themselves and in the communities being served.Learning Objectives:

    To understand the essential elements for an effective STM tripTo identify specific needs you may have in your mission program

    To know if using an agency is the right fit for your church

    To understand how agencies and churches can best partner together

David Armstrong & Michelle Atwell | Friday, 8:30 AM | Preparing Short-term Goers for the Fund Raising Challenge

  • Learning Objectives:Participants will understand the key elements of fund raising for mission trips and be able to motivate goers to rise to that challengeHave a better understanding of how to use crowdfunding and online fundraising in general

    Participants will be equipped with an action plan & practical ideas of how to develop your own campaign.

Larry Ragan | Friday, 1:30 PM | Healthy Missions Partnerships and Effective Short-term Teams

  • How do you identify, build, and maintain healthy international partnerships for your church/organization? How do healthy partnerships maximize the effectiveness of your short-term teams? Learn how to define success and create value for the field site, the sending organization, and the teams being mobilized.

Mary Rayburn | Friday, 1:30 PM | Screening and Vetting to Avoid Screaming and Venting

  • Embedding the Seven Standards of Excellence into the application/selection process will ensure that your short-term mission program has a long-term impact. This workshop will help you think through the key components of screening and vetting your STM applicants, including application and interview questions, references and recommendations that will help you determine a person’s fit for the goals of your short-term mission program and trip(s). Mary Rayburn has extensive experience as a higher education and local church minister, educator and administrator. She has organized 182 short-term mission teams involving more than 3600 goer-guests with 44 partner organizations.

Randy Schmor | Friday, 3:30 PM | International Local Church Partnerships

  • The 21st century local church sees itself more and more as a primary player in the world of international missions. At the same time, partnerships of many types have also become an important part of missions today. This workshop is designed for local church leaders AND mission professionals that guide them. We’ll be discussing how church partnerships can reflect the values of the Kingdom of God and missional theology, as well as incorporating a process that is true to those values. For the past 10+ years, I’ve helped churches discover a way of partnering together that rings true with the values of the Kingdom of God and missional theology. I’m passionate about sharing these principles whenever possible with those who can help the global body of Christ be all that Jesus prayed it would be as a unified force and a witness to the reality of the Kingdom of God.

Jenny Collins | Friday, 3:30 PM | Preparing Short-termMission Leaders to Reduce Risk and Respond Well in Crises

  • STM goers want to courageously share Christ in word and action around the globe. Yet, we are not guaranteed safety and there are risks associated with all travel. Obedience to God’s call took Jesus’ disciples straight into dangerous situations. In the spirit of Matt. 10:16 and being “as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves,” this workshop will discuss biblical guiding principles for approaching risk, and how team leaders can reduce risk and prepare for on-field crises with excellence and appropriate concern, but not needless anxiety. We’ll explore planning for and responding to various types of events and emergencies.

Jolene Erlacher | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Understanding and Leading Generation Z in Short-Term Missions

  • Short attention spans, addiction to technology, and lack of interpersonal skills are a few of the descriptors used to describe teenagers and college students today. Generation Z is also incredibly creative, pragmatic and diverse. As we engage them in short-term missions, it is critical to understand their communication and learning styles, perspectives on the world, and unique skills. Attendees will identify key characteristics of young people today, and strategies on how to partner together as agencies and churches to develop effective processes and guidelines for this unique generation. Attendees will also be able to recognize and apply methods for leading and teaching Generation Z for maximum learning, growth and service on a STM.

Bob Klamser | Saturday, 9:15 AM | Crisis Management for Short-term Teams

  • Are you a short-term mission leader, missions pastor, or organizational leader that sends or receives short-term teams? If so, are you prepared to manage a crisis event that may arise? In this session we will explore the key principles, challenges and options for managing some of the more prevalent crises that may occur while on a short-term mission. We will discuss ways to be prepared in advance, as well as mitigate events that do occur. In short, we will look at ways to be the best possible stewards of our most valuable “assets”, our people, from a crisis management and security standpoint.

Networking Opportunities

Engage effectively with partners in the Great Commission community. This year, in addition to our focus-group networking and general opportunities, we have brought together a Network Hub. This is a select group of 25 networks to facilitate your ministry connections.

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