Oikos Care: Caring for Our Missionaries by Caring Through Our Missionaries

EMQ » April–June 2022 » Volume 58 Issue 2

By Pam Arlund, Mary Ho, and Peggy Spiers

Imagine this conversation with your elderly mother after a recent follow-up visit with her new doctor.

“How do you like your new doctor, Mom?”

“Oh, I really like him. He turned his chair to face me and asked how I was feeling. He asked if I was having any side effects from the new medication. He wanted to know if I had any questions or concerns. It was amazing! He remembered everything I told him during the last appointment without checking the computer screen. He had all the time in the world for me. Then he asked how your dad’s garden was doing and if you were back from your trip yet. We had a really nice conversation. He is a wonderful doctor!”

How did your mother determine the doctor’s qualifications? She undoubtedly has not seen his medical school records or spoken with his other patients. She determined the care she will receive based on the time and attention he gave her. He was not reading a computer screen or typing while your mom talked. The doctor gave her his undivided time and attention. He remembered what she told him on her last visit. And he even showed interest in her family!