EMQ Group Details

Group Subscription Primary Contact

This is the personal contact information for the EMQ group subscription account manager.

Institution Information

This is the contact information for the institution that will distribute the EMQ group subscription

Subscription Details

Fill this in if it is required by your accounting department.

Access Details

You may submit your list of IP addresses by including them below or attaching a spreadsheet. To simplify the administrative process for both the customer and EMQ, it is preferred that institutions submit a limited number of IP addresses for those computers with the most traffic. Please do not send every IP address at your location/campus, but only the main computers that will be used for EMQ viewing – usually located in the library.
INCLUDE ONE IP ADDRESS OR RANGE PER LINE. Only valid CIDR formatted ranges that the Apache webserver can utilize will be accepted. Asterisks or ranges separated by dashes (123.123.120-123.*) are not acceptable. Acceptable:
Submit your entire list of IP addresses in csv, xls, or xlsx format.
Accepted file types: csv, xls, xlsx, Max. file size: 40 MB.