Women’s History Month: History of Women in Missions

Including Women in the Telling of Church History

// Leanne Dzubinski & Anneke Stasson

Women have been absolutely essential to the mission of the church historically. And they continue to be essential to mission today. How can we find ways to include the stories of women so that women are not seen merely as token voices here or there but as coworkers in the kingdom of God?

Modern History Makers

// Mary Lederleitner

Most leadership theories and books are written by men, and women have to find their place in them. Women in God’s Mission was designed to add diverse voices to the literature so men and women could learn from each other. 

This book showcases leadership insights of modern day history makers, talented women who were born and raised in approximately thirty nations and are leading in significant ways across the globe. It was also the recipient of the 2020 book-of-the-year award from Christianity Today in the Missions / Global Church category. 

If you are a woman who wants to keep growing, or a man who wants to be the type of person who helps the women in his life make their best contributions in God’s mission, we think you’ll like it!

Series: New Light on Timeless Texts

// Dr. Sandra Glahn

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Women have been central to the work of Christian ministry and actively involved in the growth of the worldwide Christian church from the time of Jesus to the twenty-first century. Yet the story of Christianity is too often told as a story of men.

Black Women in the History of Missions

Betsey Stockton

Amanda Berry Smith

Maria Fearing

Orchidy Boyd

Sherry Thomas

Allethia Perrin

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