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Missio Nexus seeks to provide collaborative tools for the Great Commission community in North America. One way we do that is through publicly accessible web pages on this website featuring research, research tools and methodologies.

We are seeking to curate a collection of ongoing studies, reports, case studies and research tools that will benefit churches and mission organizations seeking to be more effective in their work and ministry.

This is a platform for our association to share expertise and knowledge for the sake of the community in areas such as:

  • Spiritual Health Monitoring for Staff/Missionaries
  • North American Diaspora Engagement
  • Partnership Diagnostics
  • CEO Health and Spiritual Disciplines
  • 360 Evaluations and other Staff Evaluation Tools
  • Keys for Working with and Mobilizing Millenials
  • Effective Virtual Office Best Practices
  • Proactive Process and Methods for Engaging Women in Leadership Positions
  • Effectively Spreading Innovation within Organizations
  • New Financial Models
  • Partnership/Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Mission Organization and Church Partnerships
  • Orality Tools and Methodologies
  • Mobilization Best Practices
  • Member Care, Health and Development
  • Church Engagement
  • Personal Support Raising
  • Business As Mission
  • Church Planting Tools and Methodologies
  • Crisis Management/Prevention/Mitigation Best Practices and Planning

We encourage you to repurpose things you are already writing so that this does not add additional workload to you or your team. You can freely link back to your website for follow-up if you want to do that.

This service is only available to members of Missio Nexus.

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