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I, the undersigned, grant Missio Nexus the rights to the content I have submitted for the following purposes and conditions:

1. Reproduction Rights: I grant Missio Nexus the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and create derivative works from the content in various formats, including but not limited to printed books, ebooks, audiobooks, and video presentations.
2. Repurposing Rights: I grant Missio Nexus the right to repurpose the content, which includes using it in other publications, promotional materials, or as part of educational resources.
3. Attribution: I acknowledge that my authorship will be credited, and my name and bio will accompany the content.
4. Adaptation and Reuse: Missio Nexus can edit, modify, or reformat the content to suit different mediums or purposes.
5. Termination: This agreement is perpetual and can only be terminated by mutual written consent of both parties.
6. License for Content Creator: I may also utilize the content of my submission in other formats and in other places, granting myself a non-exclusive license to use the content elsewhere.
7. Waiver of Compensation: I waive any rights to royalties or fees for the use of my content.
8. Digital Signature: This agreement may be digitally signed using an online form accessible through the Missio Nexus website.

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