Risk and Short-Term Missions


These reports provide a comprehensive overview of risk management in short-term missions, offering strategies and best practices for mission leaders, volunteers, and stakeholders.



Discover the comprehensive insights on risk management in short-term missions with two pivotal reports from Missio Nexus and Brotherhood Mutual. These reports offer a deep dive into the experiences of over 350 organizations, including 130+ mission agencies and 220+ churches, who have shared their perspectives on sending 1,500+ teams globally.

Agency Perspectives Report: Gain valuable knowledge from mission agencies as they reveal their strategies and challenges in navigating the complexities of short-term missions. This report is a treasure trove of data, providing a detailed analysis of risk assessment and mitigation practices that are crucial for any mission-focused organization.

Church Perspectives Report: Understand the church’s viewpoint on short-term missions through this enlightening report. It encapsulates the collective wisdom of churches that have actively participated in global outreach, offering a unique perspective on safety protocols and effective mission planning.

These reports are essential for mission leaders, volunteers, and stakeholders seeking to enhance the safety and impact of their mission endeavors. Equip yourself with actionable strategies and best practices to navigate the evolving landscape of global missions.

Key Features:

  • Collaborative Study: A pivotal study conducted by Missio Nexus and Brotherhood Mutual focusing on the intersection of risk and short-term missions.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Offers insights into challenges and best practices in risk management for short-term missions1.
  • Agency Perspectives: Insights from over 130+ mission agencies contributing to the report.
  • Church Perspectives: Perspectives shared by 220+ churches on sending over 1,500+ teams.

Our thanks to Brotherhood Mutual for their partnership in this initiative!