On Mission 2018

Video Viewing:
•  When you click on the link for the video to the left a new tab will open in your browser, allowing for you to easily come back to this page.
•  When you go to the new tab with the video you will see the video displayed on the page.
•  To start the video click on the play button in the middle of the video or at the bottom of the video menu bar.
•  You also have the option of expanding the video out to full screen by simply clicking on the expand/ full-screen icon in the bottom right of the video menu bar that is in black at the bottom of each video.

Discussion Questions:
On each video page, there is a link for a .pdf of unique discussion questions for each presentation to use with your team.  You can download the document or view it online.

On each video page, there is a link for a transcription of the video.  The transcription is in a timed format to match the segments of the video.

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Suggested Schedule:
(We would suggest watching each video and then taking part in a group discussion for 10 minutes before starting the next video.  You may also want to consider watching them in groups of four and taking a short break before the next group.  Following is a suggested schedule, but feel free to watch the videos in any order you choose.)

Speaker 1: Ted Vail – 10:03
Partnering with the Nations

Speaker 2: Ellen Livingood – 9:24
Reciprocal Partnerships

Speaker 3: Ted Esler – 8:18
Church Mobilization for the Great Commission

Speaker 4: David Garrison – 10:32
Church Planting

Speaker 5: Bruce Huseby – 8:14
Connecting your Church to Regional Partnerships

Speaker 6: Tom Lin – 12:51
Ethnic Diversity

Speaker 7: Rob Harvey – 9:50
Building Effective Partnerships

Speaker 8: Bob Schindler and Werner Mischke – 11:21
Vital Skills for Cross-Cultural Partnerships

Speaker 9: Jim Rosene – 10:56
Effective Partnerships

Speaker 10: Ron Nelson – 10:07
Better Together

Speaker 11: Jeff Holland – 9:27
Short-Term Mission Discipleship

Speaker 12: Brian Burns – 14:11
Practical Partnerships on the Ground

Speaker 13: Dennis Jackson – 8:54
Establishing New Church Relationships

Speaker 14: Dan Shoemaker – 9:11
North American Churches and National Churches

Speaker 15: Dave Wilson – 11:20
Missionary Candidate Assessment

Speaker 16: Matthew Ellison – 12:11
Churches and Agencies

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