Diaspora Missiographics

North America Diaspora Missiographics

diaspora : the dispersion of any people from their original homeland.

People of many nations have landed on the shores of North America looking for refuge, community, a new home and hope. These diaspora people groups have settled in urban areas often creating sub-communities within larger cities. In an effort to highlight the significant numbers of unreached people groups living in key cities across North America we are highlighting five cities and key demographics. There are many mission agencies and churches that are engaged with direct ministry. But there is still a significant need for engagement for these people to be reached with the gospel and find true, lasting and eternal hope.

As global dynamics continue to change there are great opportunities at our doorstep to engage with people that were at one time difficult to access. God has brought the nations to us; will we be faithful in taking His gospel to them?

We want to thank our friends at Global Gates for their partnership in making these missiographics possible (globalgates.info).

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