Become a Partner

Opportunities are available to partner in the creation of a Missiographic or to be a sponsor.  

Missiographic Creation Partnership:

Option 1 – Organization requests an infographic to be created by Missio Nexus
Supply the data and core idea; Missio Nexus creates the layout and presentation.
Submitters logo appears with the Missio Nexus logo on the bottom.
Cost: $900. 50% off for members.

Option 2 – Organization submits a publish-ready infographic for publication
Infographic and concept must be pre-approved by Missio Nexus.
Submitters logo appears with Missio Nexus logo on the bottom.
Cost: $500. Fee waived for members.

To learn more about creation partnership – email:

Sponsor a Missiographic:
Each infographic we publish will feature an opportunity for a sponsor like you to engage our growing audience with your message. Each infographic has amazing potential to spread via email, social media and ongoing use in publications and presentations.

As the infographic with your sponsorship goes out, people throughout the global ministry community will get a chance to utilize this valuable content and be exposed to your area of service to the Kingdom.  To learn more about being a sponsor click here.