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Use your knowledge about the people of Afghanistan to bring the good news to this hard-pressed people group!

Is God pressing an urgency on you to get the good news to the Afghan people? Do you have experience with or particular knowledge of this hard-pressed people group? Use your networking and management skills to resource and bring clear and appropriate gospel radio/digital programming to Afghanistan and Afghan people groups in North America. God can use your heart for these people who are loved by him to bring hope to them via media.

Please note: This position is a supported/sponsored missionary role (not a direct-hire opportunity), so you would develop a team of partners who provide financially for your full salary and benefits as a part of this role. We do provide training, resources and coaching to help missionaries reach these financial-support goals!

Role Summary:

Our European Office is looking for a missionary to serve as an Afghan Ministry Coordinator to fosters relationships with TWR partners and donors to move radio and digital programming forward with the purpose of reaching Afghani people in Afghanistan and North America.

Core Competencies:

Commitment to Jesus Christ as evidenced by a personal relationship

Excitement about being involved in full-time missions
Ability to plan, organize and manage resources toward strategic outcomes and goals

Able to develop big-picture strategy and implement it in practical ways

Talented in networking and sharing a passion so that people will want to be engaged with the mission

Proficient in working in cross-cultural teams


Engage in strategic planning

Represent TWR to partners who wish to work together to reach people in Afghanistan and North America

Represent the Afghan ministry to raise needed resources

Coordinate digital ministry efforts by working with partners and potential Afghani teams

Develop a team to follow up on program effectiveness among Afghani people groups

Desirable Qualifications:

Afghan expat living in North America, Europe, or Asia

Knowledge of Afghani society and history

Willing and able to do fund development

Knowledge of financial and project management

Ability to lead people and participate in meetings and decisions

Some experience in radio/media production

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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Reaching the world for Christ by mass media.

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