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This role will manage all details surrounding application, including (but not limited to) preparation, travel and follow-up for all persons going to the fields of OMS through Men for Missions.


  • Open Short Term Ministry Teams:
    • Continually relate to all fields of OMS looking to utilize short-term teams as an opportunity to help them grow.
    • Continually relate to people and churches from across the US to help them connect with available opportunities.
    • Work with OMS Finance office to open appropriate team project numbers.
  • Manage Short Term Ministry Teams:
      • Help designate, train, and prepare short-term leaders.
      • Provide appropriate communication between short-term leaders and field personnel.
      • Communicate with, train and prepare every team member going on the trip.
      • Build and maintain an accurate database that includes all relevant team information, cost estimates, payment information, flight information and any other relevant information.
      • Accurately manage all income and expense related to short-term teams.
      • Work with the Ministry Team Specialist responsible for follow-up to ensure that all team members receive adequate follow-up to help them move in their journey with God.
  • Close Short Term Ministry Teams:
    • Close out team finances and paperwork.
    • Submit all closed teams to the MFM archive system.
  • Help Publish Short Term Mission’s Opportunities and Stories:
    • ACTION magazine- Ensure the MFM- US ministry team list is updated at the time the magazine goes to press.
    • Approximately every 30-60 days the ministry team list should be updated and sent out to the appropriate persons.
    • Current ministry team lists should always be available to any OMS or MFM missionary representing short-term teams at events.
    • Work with the MFM webmaster to verify that US short-term team opportunities are listed on the MFM website accurately.
    • Maintain a current and accurate list of short-term ministry opportunities on relevant websites.
  • Team Coordination and Reporting:
    • Work closely with other MFM offices around the world in order to build “nationally inclusive” teams.
    • Work closely with MFM- US National Director to help facilitate above opportunities.
    • Work closely with all OMS/MFM- US Regional Representatives to keep them informed and engaged in all teams, but especially those from their region.
    • Track appropriate ministry team statistics and share on a regular basis and communicate as appropriate.
    • Help compile and prepare statistics for MFM- US Cabinet Meetings.

Skills and Experience:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required.
  • Be able to meet and visit with people in a professional manner.
  • Have pleasant telephone voice and manner.
  • Basic knowledge of current business practices.
  • Possess good communication skills.
  • Have good organizational skills.
  • Be able to lead at least one ministry team per year.

This is a support-based position that involves raising financial support through ministry partners for salary and other expenses.

To apply for this job email your details to

To apply for this job email your details to

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